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Agostino Pietrangelo is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He completed his B.Sc.(Hons.) degree at the University of Toronto where he performed research in materials chemistry with Professors Ian Manners and Geoff Ozin. Moving westward, he pursued his doctoral studies under the guidance of Professors Mark MacLachlan and Michael Wolf at the University of British Columbia. His thesis research focused primarily on (a) the synthesis, structure, and electrochemistry of thiophene-containing oligoacenes and metallated Schiff base monomers and (b) investigating the effects of gravity-driven convection currents on the microscopic order of electrochemically deposited polymer films. After completing his Ph.D., he took a postdoctoral position under the guidance of Professors William Tolman and Marc Hillmyer at the University of Minnesota. There, his research focused on preparing (a) commodity chemicals from biorenewable resources and (b) catalysts for the selective polymerization of D,L-lactide. His research group at Rutgers University focuses on developing functional polymers from biorenewable resources and conducting polymers with unusual conjugated repeat units.  

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