Our research group is interested in the design, synthesis, and application of multifunctional polymeric materials. We are particularly interested in the synthesis of:

I) Conjugated (macro)molecules that integrate the desirable conjugation lengths typical of polyenes (e.g. poly(acetylene)) with the desirable topology, processability, and chemical flexibility typical of polyaromatics (e.g., poly(thiophene)). Unlike the ubiquitous vinylene, butylene, and ethynylene-inspired approaches that have been exhaustively explored to date, our group employs cyclopentadiene-based building blocks that are structurally analogous to many common aromatics, making them excellent candidates for introducing polyene-character to a system without compromising a planar structural topology.


II) Lactide-derived polythioether-based polychelatogens for water remediation applications. These polyanions possess a high affinity for Pb2+ in aqueous solution, results that are attributed to a coordination site architecture that employs both the polymer backbone and mutli-dentate anionic residue of each constituent repeat unit.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 9.11.24 AM


III) block copolymers derived from biorenewable pyroglutamic acid for thermoresponsive drug delivery applications


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