APRIL 1998

  1. Improve access to existing collections by preserving and digitizing existing unique materials, including the completion of the retrospective conversion of the card catalogs of the major research collections. Access will be delivered electronically to the desktops of the University's communities. QUESTIONS

  2. Continue to attract, develop, support and retain a flexible, quality library faculty and staff, building upon existing talents, knowledge, and skills, and to strengthen our capabilities and provide opportunities to reorganize work, as needed, to meet continuously changing demands and intellectual environments. QUESTIONS

  3. Establish a secure materials funding base, with allowance for future growth in both print and electronic resources; develop oversight procedures for monitoring collection usage and relevance to university priorities. QUESTIONS

  4. Identify user groups and strengthen relations with primary communities. Establish service priorities for the library system as well as selected collections. QUESTIONS

  5. Develop effective instructional programs in relation to the development of virtual environments. QUESTIONS

  6. Develop management information systems (not necessarily computerized) to measure and evaluate programs and processes. QUESTIONS

* Ka-Neng Au, Susan J. Beck, Chair, Ron Becker, Jeris Cassel, Howard Dess, Nancy Putnam, Lida Sak, Jane Sloan, Roberta Tipton.
Susan J. Beck
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April 2, 1998