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Student Activities

Each day the students attended sessions consisting of either lectures, videos or hands-on activity. The lectures included technical information on biological and biomedical topics. In addition, as a special feature of this program, workshop sessions were included each day to provide tools for critical thinking based on philosophical concepts. The combination of these two areas provided the students with the basic knowledge needed to begin to address ethical concepts in the biomedical arena on such issues as pandemics, neuro-enhancement, the human genome, stem cell research and more.

From time to time each day the students broke up into teams of four to discuss the question of the day and draw up a response to that question. Each team was accompanied by a Counselor and/or Institute Coordinator; the Discussion Leader also circulated among the groups.

As the week progressed, each student team was enabled to identify a particular bioethics concept of interest to them and develop the topic complete with slides for presentation on the final day of the program.

Hands-on experiences:
The students engaged in a mock trial in the Appellate Court Room in the Rutgers Law School to role play and discuss bioethics issues. Interns from the Rutgers Law School were instrumental in helping toprepare the students for this unique experience.

The students were able to spend at least an hour at the end of each day in one of the Rutgers computer labs where they had the opportunity to work with a model simulating the processes of an epidemic, which allowed them to gain additional understanding of how epidemics function. They also were able to organize and make notes on the topics they were learning, while preparing slides for their project presentations at the end of the week.

Bioethics Resources:
-------------------- National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature

-------------------- Epidemic models

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