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Coordinators of the Program

Jeff Buechner, Ph.D. - Lecturer in Philosophy
Interested in the intersection between molecular biology and formal logic, especially in finding the right formal characterization of the “reasoning” that underlies the process of copying DNA to produce an RNA transcript. Few, if any, people have previously thought of attempting to apply the rules of formal logic to molecular biology. He attended the 2005 Summer Faculty Institute on the Human Genome Project at Dartmouth. He teaches biologically-oriented philosophy courses at Rutgers-Newark including: Logic for Computational Biology, Philosophy of Molecular Biology, and Bioethics. His book, Godel, Putnam, and Functionalism, on the philosophical foundations of cognitive science was published in 2008 by The MIT Press.

Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D. - Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology
Has published over 140 research papers in behavioral neuroscience, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, was Director of Rutgers-Newark campus’s large NIH Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Grant for 17 years, was leader of the MBRS program at NIH for three years while on leave from Rutgers; has run several summer science institutes for inner city school students. His research has been featured on various Discovery Channel programs. His new book on reproductive biology was published in October, 2006, by the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Robert E. Nahory, Ph.D. - Digital Library Applications Developer, Rutgers University Libraries
Has worked as research scientist in solid-state physics at Bell Labs and Bellcore where he published over 150 papers in scientific journals on lasers and materials science; has coauthored a book in the Scientific American Library Series (Freeman Publishing) titled Lasers: Harnessing the Atom’s Light; has taught physics at Rutgers - Newark and developed undergraduate student research programs. Current interests have evolved toward digital library development, building digital applications for learning with focus on streaming video / multimedia; also currently working in the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers to create a digital collection of jazz artifacts, photos, video and audio.

Other Organizers, Lecturers & Discussion Leaders

  • Dr. Mohammed Alsiadi, Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Rutgers University
  • Dr. Treena Arinzeh, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NJIT)
  • Mr. Kamaal Bennett, Director, New Jersey Educational Consortium
  • Ms Marcia W. Brown, Vice Chancellor, Rutgers UniversityŚNewark
  • Dr. Miguel Cervantes-Cervantes, Federated Departments of Biology, Rutgers University-Newark and NJIT
  • Dr. George Collins, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NJIT
  • Mr. Darnell Davis, Teacher, Newark Public Schools, Office of Special Programs
  • Mr. Kevin Davis, Rutgers University-Newark Pre-College Program
  • Dr. Elena Galioppi, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Mr. Wayne Gilman, Professional radio broadcast journalist, the Voice of Air America for 30 years
  • Dr. Jorge Golowasch, Biology, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Ms April Grier, Reference Coordinator, Institute f Jazz Studies, Rutgers University, Newark
  • Ms Diane Hill, Executive Director, Office of Campus and Community Relations at Rutgers University-Newark
  • Dr. Ralph Jenkins, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers UniversityŚNewark
  • Dr. William Keigher, Department of Mathematics, Rutgers UniversityŚNewark
  • Ms. Madeline Kouvaras, Institute for Ethical Leadership, Rutgers Business School
  • Dr. Trip McCrossin, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University–Newark
  • Dr. Anastasia Pease, Department of English, Union College
  • Dr. David Perlman, University of Pennsylvania and Eclipse Educational Technologies
  • Dr. Ken Richman, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Dr. Alex Rodriguez, Department of Biology, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Dr. Karina Schaefer, Department of Biology, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Dr. Eric Silverman, Christopher Newport University
  • Dr. Dominic Sisti, University of Pennsylvania Bioethics Center
  • Ms Jennifer Smith, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Office of the Chancellor, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Ms. Frances Teabout, Rutgers University-Newark Pre-College Program
  • Ms Debbie Warner (Newark Public High School System)
  • Ms Ann Watkins , Librarian, John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers University–Newark



  • - Lisbeth Almonte

  • - Charles Awe

  • - Phylisha Bankston

  • - Akshaar Brambhatt

  • - Linda Corrin

  • - Edeline Elicin

  • - Wayne Gillman

  • - Vonetta Hunter

  • - Melissa Noel

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