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Activities: Presentations by Students

Afternoon sessions began each day at 1:30 PM. For the first 30 minutes or so a Discussion Leader gave a short talk and/or showed a videotape to introduce the topic of the day:

Monday, July 10—Dr. Komisaruk (Discussion Leader) introduced the topic “What is Race Medicine and is it Good Medicine?” A videotape of a Tony Brown’s Journal TV program on this subject was shown.

Tuesday, July 11—Dr. Stubblefield (Discussion Leader) introduced the topic “What is Race?”

Wednesday, July 12—Dr. Morrison and Dr. Nahory (Discussion Leaders) introduced the topics "What Is Science?" and “How Should a Scientist Do Research?”

Friday, July 14—Dr. Blank (Discussion Leader) introduced the topic “Is Enhancement Unfair?”

Starting at about 2:00PM each day the students broke up into teams of four students (corresponding to the groups of students residing together in the dormitories). Each team was accompanied by a Counselor and/or Institute Coordinator; the Discussion Leader circulated among the groups. The teams discussed the question of the day and drew up a response to that question. The students worked on this for approximately one hour and composed a brief written response (this was handed in at the end of the day; the written material contained the name of the team, the topic of the day and the representative for the team). The composition of each team remained the same during the entire week of the Institute.

Before 3:30 PM each team selected a representative to present the team’s response to the question of the day. At 3:30 PM the teams’ responses were delivered as oral presentations based on the written response of the team. Each representative had 5 minutes to make her/his presentation. The representative was introduced by the Discussion Leader (who served as moderator) and stood at a podium to make the presentation as if it were a talk at a scientific conference. For each speaker, a period of two minutes was allowed for questions from the audience, with the help of an electronic timer to help the speakers stay within the time allotted. The Discussion Leader, two Counselors and two students gave a brief critique and assigned a score (1-10 points) for each team presentation.

On each of the four days (July 10, 11, 12 and 14) each team selected a different member of the team to be its speaker. In this way, every student in the program had the opportunity to make one presentation.

The presentations were video taped each day by one of the students.


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