Analytic Aspects of Higher Teichmüller Theory

GEAR Workshop

Sept 9-11, 2016

This workshop is designed to bring together junior mathematicians for lectures and collaborative discussion on higher Teichmüller theory and related topics, with an emphasis on analytic aspects and methods. The workshop is hosted by Rutgers University at Newark and fully funded by the GEAR Network.

Scientific Program

The study of moduli spaces associated to surfaces, especially character varieties and deformation spaces of geometric structures, has generated considerable interest and activity. Many GEAR-related events have been dedicated to this area of research in the past few years (see here for a list). This workshop will focus on analytic aspects and methods. The main themes will include:

  1. Minimal surfaces and equivariant harmonic maps
  2. Analytic methods for the study of the geometry of character varieties
  3. Analytic features of the theory of G-opers
  4. Analytic aspects of the theory of Hitchin and Anosov representations.

See the list of talks and abstracts below.

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Senior invited speaker:

  1. David Dumas (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Junior invited speakers:

  1. Jorge Acosta (Stanford University)
  2. Jonah Gaster (Boston College)
  3. Andy Huang (Rice University)
  4. Brice Loustau (University of Rutgers - Newark)
  5. Andy Sanders (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  6. Andrea Seppi (University of Pavia)
  7. Peter Smillie (Harvard University)
  8. Nicolas Tholozan (University of Luxembourg)
  9. Andrew Zimmer (University of Chicago)
  10. Tengren Zhang (California Institute of Technology)


  1. Zeno Huang (City University of New York)
  2. John Loftin (University of Rutgers - Newark)
  3. Brice Loustau (University of Rutgers - Newark)

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Friday 9/9

Time Speaker Title Special
11:50 - - Lunch
1:00-1:50 David Dumas Surface group representations in SL(3): An invitation to higher Teichmüller theory I
2:00-2:50 Tengren Zhang Positively ratioed representations
3:00 - - Break
3:20-4:10 Andrea Seppi Area-preserving diffeomorphisms of the hyperbolic plane and convex surfaces in Anti-de Sitter space
4:20-5:10 Brice Loustau Computing twisted harmonic maps I

Saturday 9/10

Time Speaker Title Special
9:00-9:50 David Dumas Surface group representations in SL(3): An invitation to higher Teichmüller theory II
10:00-10:50 Andy Sanders Entropy degeneration and asymptotic flatness of minimal surfaces
11:00 - - Break
11:20-12:10 Andy Huang TBA
12:20 - - Lunch
2:20-3:10 Jonah Gaster Computing twisted harmonic maps II
3:20-4:10 Peter Smillie Constant mean curvature foliations in Minkowski 3-space

Sunday 9/11

Time Speaker Title Special
9:00-9:50 Nicolas Tholozan Maximum principle and length spectrum comparisons
10:00-10:50 Andrew Zimmer Rigidity of convex divisible domains in Grassmannians
11:00-11:50 Jorge Acosta Holonomy limits of cyclic opers
12:00 - - Lunch

List of talks and abstracts:

Coming soon

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The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Rutgers University - Newark is in Smith Hall (address: 101 Warren Street Newark, NJ 07103). All the talks will be held in room 240.

From Newark Liberty Airport: The NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station is a 1 stop ride (after taking the airport "AirTrain" to the airport train station), but you may prefer to just take a taxi (or another car service) directly to your hotel or the math department.

From other NYC airports: It is too far to take the taxi or another car service, so you will need to take the train to NYC and then to Newark. See below how to get to Newark Penn Station from NYC.

From NYC to Newark Penn Station: You can either take the NJ Transit train from New York Penn Station or the PATH train from World Trade Center. Either rides are about 20 minutes to Newark Penn Station. Trains are frequent (schedules here for NJ Transit and here for PATH).

From Newark Penn Station to your hotel or the Math Department: It is a walkable distance (check your itinerary on Google Maps or a similar site), but on the day you arrive to Newark you may prefer to take a taxi (or another car service).

Lecture room

All the talks will be held in room 240 in Smith Hall (see directions above).

Travel, accomodation, meals

Please be in touch by e-mail with the organizers.

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Coming soon

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The list of invited speaker participants is complete. If you wish to register to the workshop, please do so by completing this registration form. Limited financial support is available for travel and accomodation.

The talks are open for everyone to attend, but we request that those planning to do so send an e-mail to one of the organizers.

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Jane Gilman (contact:

Zeno Huang (contact:

John Loftin (contact:

Brice Loustau (contact:

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