The Mathematics Colloquium


The Colloquium of the Mathematics Department of Rutgers University - Newark meets on Wednesdays at 4pm in Smith Hall room 204. All are welcome.


Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Details
Yuchen Liu
(Yale University)
K-stability of cubic threefolds Announcement & Abstract
9/27/2017 Nicolas Tholozan (*)
(CNRS - École Normale Supérieure)
Teichmüller theory and higher Announcement & Abstract
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Claude Lebrun (*)
(Stony Brook University)
Mass, Scalar Curvature, Kaehler Geometry, and All That Announcement & Abstract
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Yunhe Sheng
(Jilin University)
Nijenhuis operators on pre-Lie algebras Announcement & Abstract
11/01/2017 Samuel Grushevsky (*)
(Stony Brook University)
Degenerations of Riemann surfaces together with a meromorphic differential Announcement & Abstract
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11/15/2017 Robert Donley
Central zeros of Clebsch-Gordan coefficients Announcement & Abstract
11/29/2017 Jarod Alper
(University of Washington, Seattle)
Geometry of algebraic stacks Announcement & Abstract

(*) Joint with the Teichmüller Theory Seminar.

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Details
1/17/2018 Maryanthe Malliaris
(University of Chicago / IAS)
General topology meets model theory Announcement & Abstract
1/24/2018 Alex Perry
(Columbia University)
Homological algebra of birational and projective geometry Announcement & Abstract
A. Raghuram
(IISER Pune / Purdue)
2/7/2018 Akram Alishahi
(Columbia University)
Khovanov homology and unknotting number Announcement & Abstract
2/14/2018 Xiaodong Wang
(Michigan State University)
Geometry of compact Riemannian manifolds with convex boundary Announcement & Abstract
2/21/2018 Akshay Venkatesh
(IAS / Stanford University)
Period mappings and Diophantine equations Announcement & Abstract
2/28/2018 Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis
(Institut de Math. de Luminy)
Recent progress on the Gan-Gross-Prasad conjectures Announcement & Abstract
Eriko Hironaka (*)
(Florida State University / AMS Acquisitions Editor)
A disconnected deformation space of rational maps Announcement & Abstract
Andrew Yarmola (*)
(University of Luxembourg)
Circle packings and Delaunay circle patterns for complex projective structures Announcement & Abstract
3/28/2018 Julius Ross
(University of Illinois at Chicago)
Geometry and Planar Flows Announcement & Abstract
4/4/2018 Linda Ness (*)
(Rutgers University)
Representing Data as Measures Using Product Formalisms Announcement & Abstract
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4/11/2018 Neil Sloane
(OEIS Foundation / Rutgers University)
Unusual Number Sequences, Solved and Unsolved Announcement & Abstract
4/18/2018 Andrew Yarmola (*)
(University of Luxembourg)
Circle packings and Delaunay circle patterns for complex projective structures Announcement & Abstract
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4/25/2018 Sergio Fenley
(Florida State University)
Partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms in dimension 3 Announcement & Abstract

(*) Joint with the Teichmüller Theory Seminar.


The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Rutgers University - Newark is in Smith Hall (address: 101 Warren Street Newark, NJ 07103).

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Teichmüller theory seminar

The Teichmüller theory seminar is an informal seminar organized by Jane Gilman, John Loftin, and Brice Loustau. It is supported by the GEAR network and the talks are video recorded and available online. Please follow this link for the dedicated web page.

Past Colloquia

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