Teichmüller Theory Seminar


The Teichmüller theory seminar of Rutgers University - Newark is an informal seminar organized by Jane Gilman, John Loftin, Brice Loustau and Anastasiia Tsvietkova. It is supported by the GEAR network. The talks are video recorded (starting Spring 2016) and are available here.

The seminar usually meets on Mondays or Thursdays (2015-2016) or Wednesdays (2016-2017) at 4pm in Smith Hall room 204. All are welcome.


Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title Details
01/18/2017 Peter Sarnak (*)
(Princeton University / IAS)
Navigating PU(2), Golden Gates and Strong Approximation Announcement & Abstract
--> Video! <-- (**)
01/30/2017 Anastasiia Tsvietkova
(Rutgers University)
The number of surfaces of fixed genus in an alternating link complement Announcement & Abstract
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02/08/2017 Dave Futer (*)
(Temple University)
Can you hear the shape of a 3-manifold? Announcement & Abstract
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02/22/2017 David Gabai (*)
(Princeton University)
Maximal cusps of low volume Announcement & Abstract
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03/01/2017 Lee Mosher (*)
(Rutgers University)
Hyperbolic actions and second bounded cohomology for subgroups of $\operatorname{Out}(F_n)$ Announcement & Abstract
03/20/2017 Qiongling Li
(CalTech / Aarhus)
Hitchin equations for Higgs bundles of quiver type Announcement & Abstract
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03/22/2017 Vincent Alberge
(Fordham University)
Smith 206 2:45pm!
Extremal length geometry on Teichmüller spaces Announcement & Abstract
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04/12/2017 Jane Gilman (*)
(Rutgers University)
Palindromes in Teichmüller Theory Announcement & Abstract
04/19/2017 Mark Feighn (*)
(Rutgers University)
The boundary of the free splitting complex Announcement & Abstract

(*) Joint with the Mathematics Colloquium.

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Details
10/19/2016 Moira Chas (*)
(Stony Brook University)
Computer driven questions, pre-theorems and theorems in geometry Announcement & Abstract
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10/26/2016 Dave Futer (*)
(Temple University)
Can you hear the shape of a 3-manifold? Announcement & Abstract
11/09/2016 Abhijit Champanerkar (*)
(City University of New York)
Knots, graphs, geometry and densities Announcement & Abstract
11/16/2016 Feng Luo (*)
(Rutgers University - New Brunswick)
Discrete uniformization theorem for polyhedral surfaces Announcement & Abstract
11/30/2016 Shamgar Gurevich (*)
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Small Representations of finite classical groups Announcement & Abstract
Walter Neumann (*)
(Columbia University)
Hilbert's 3rd Problem, Topology, and Number Theory Announcement & Abstract
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(*) Joint with the Mathematics Colloquium.

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title Details
01/21/2016 Sara Maloni
(Brown University)
Mapping class group actions on character varieties Announcement & Abstract
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02/04/2016 Andy Sanders
(University of Illinois at Chicago)
Complex deformations of Anosov representations Announcement & Abstract
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02/22/2016 Alan Reid
(University of Texas at Austin)
Determining hyperbolic 3-manifolds by geometric spectra Announcement & Abstract
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02/25/2016 Jonah Gaster
(Boston College)
Lifting curves simply Announcement & Abstract
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03/21/2016 Richard Kent
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Spacious knots Announcement & Abstract
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04/04/2016 Pei Wang
(Rutgers University - Newark)
The Rips machine Announcement & Abstract
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04/11/2016 Ara Basmajian
Arcs and orthogeodesics on hyperbolic surfaces Announcement & Abstract
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04/18/2016 Jacob Sturm
(Rutgers University - Newark)
Construction of the moduli space of compact Riemann surfaces Announcement & Abstract
04/25/2016 Mark Feighn
(Rutgers Univerity - Newark)
Computing with relative train tracks Announcement & Abstract

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title Details
09/21/2015 Brice Loustau
(Rutgers University - Newark)
Computing equivariant harmonic maps from $\mathbb{H}^2$ to $\mathbb{H}^3$ Announcement & Abstract
10/05/2015 John Loftin
(Rutgers University - Newark)
An introduction to convex real projective structures on surfaces and cubic differentials Announcement & Abstract
11/09/2015 Lee Mosher
(Rutgers University - Newark)
Teichmüller spaces, curve complexes, and negative curvature Announcement & Abstract
12/07/2015 Jane Gilman
(Rutgers University - Newark)
Automorphisms and Primitive Curve Lengths on Pairs of Pants Announcement & Abstract


With the support of GEAR, the talks are video recorded and uploaded on the internet. Please visit our Youtube channel.

Mathematics Colloquium

The Mathematics Colloquium of Rutgers University - Newark meets on Wednesdays at 4pm. Please follow this link for the dedicated web page.


Jane Gilman

John Loftin

Brice Loustau

Anastasiia Tsvietkova

Contact: brice.loustau@gmail.com.