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Ancient & Medieval Civilizations

   The Ancient and Medieval Civilizations Major: This major encourages students to study the give-and-take among the contiguous civilizations of Eurasia and North Africa, and to appreciate how this exchange facilitated material and intellectual development from the earliest times through the Middle Ages. These civilizations are approached through courses in history, language and literature, archaeology and art, anthropology, religion and myth, technology, law, and philosophy. Students may choose to concentrate either in Classical or in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. Complementary courses in the concentration not chosen, as well as in related subjects, should be selected with the help of an advisor. The ancient and medieval civilizations program provides an excellent general education in the humanities, as well as a foundation for graduate studies or professional training, such as law.

Departmental Website:

   Please click on the tabs below to see a list of sample occupations possible with an Ancient and Medieval Civilizations degree and a list employers who have hired Rutgers-Newark students with a degree in Ancient and Medieval Civilizations.

  • Sample Occupations
  • Employers who have Hired R-N Graduates

Sample Occupations

  • Anthropologist
  • Archeologist
  • Editor, Map
  • Foreign Service Officer (Government)
  • Geographer
  • Historian
  • Intelligence Agent - Anti-Terrorism (Government)
  • Intelligence Specialist (Government)
  • International Peacekeeping Negotiator (Government)
  • Interpreter, Foreign Languages
  • Peace Corps Worker (Volunteer)
  • Congressional Aide (Government)
  • Interpreter, Foreign Languages
  • Political Scientist
  • Scientific Linguist
  • Translator, Foreign Languages
  • Travel Guide
  • Travel Writer (Journalist)

Employers Who Have Hired R-N Graduates

  • Prevent Child Abuse
  • Mirae Foundation
  • Fund for American Studies
  • Association of Hispanic Arts
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • ArtsPower National Touring Theatre
  • Guess. Inc.
  • Seattle Times
  • Women's Sports Foundation
  • WKTU
  • Historic Hudson Valley
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Westfield Symphony Orchestra
  • New England Wildlife Center
  • Ortho-McNeill
  • New Jersey Law Journal
  • International Sports Publishing
  • Newark Museum
  • National Book Foundation
  • Prudential
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