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8th Annual Government & Public Service Career Fair

Students/Alumni Section:

Interested in an an internship or career in the government or public service sectors?

   This event will feature government and public service sector employers and is a great forum for finding out about new career and internship opportunities within these areas.

   This career fair event serves as a useful medium for learning more about the real opportunities out there and developing relationships with potential employers. A roster of employers will provide you with more details and information about the participating employers, and the opportunities that they are recruiting for.

Don't Forget:

  • Make sure that you have multiple copies of your RESUME. Feel free to stop during a WALK-IN PERIOD to have a Career Counselor review your resume prior to attending the event.
  • Your first impression can be very important so in addition to having your resume reviewed you want to present a PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE by dressing appropriately as you would for an interview.
  • Print out the roster of employers and bring it to the event to provide you with more information about the participating employers as well as the various opportunities that they are recruiting for.

Please contact us if you have any questions: 973-353-5311