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Rutgers Diversity...


   Diversity means different things to different people and at Rutgers-Newark Diversity is reflected in the population of students we serve, in our staff and in the curriculum. Since 1997 Rutgers University-Newark has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the Most Diverse National University in the United States.
   Employers recruiting candidates for internships or professional career oriented opportunities through the resources of the Career Development Center are assured of not only seeing quality candidates, but of engaging candidates of remarkable diversity. “Every” recruiting event at the Newark campus is, in essence, a diversity recruiting event!!!

Camden Newark New Brunswick
African-American: 14% African-American:16% African-American: 8%
Asian: 8% Asian: 21% Asian: 22%
Latino: 7% Latino: 16% Latino: 9%
White: 64% White: 31% White: 51%
Foreign: 1% Foreign: 7% Foreign: 6%
Other: 4% Other: 8% Other: 4%