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Graduate & Professional School Event(s)...

Students/Alumni Section:

   This event is open to ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS currently enrolled as undergraduates or alumni of colleges and universities in the state of New Jersey. In order to attend, you will need to bring your current student ID. It is highly recommended that you arrive early, as parking is limited. The Rutgers-Newark Visitors guide can help you find suggested parking areas, mass transit options and directions to campus.

Reasons to participate:

  • An opportunity to meet with and speak directly to Admissions Representatives from many "prestigious" Graduate and Professional Schools right here on the Newark campus
  • College catalogs and web sites cannot tell the whole story. Get specific information about academic programs and admissions criteria that can only be attained by talking directly to an Admission's professional.
  • Making a good impression, face-to-face, may help improve your chances of admission to the school or program of your choice
  • Many schools offer application fee discounts or waive the fee altogether if you apply at the fair
  • This event is only available once per year

 If you are a Rutgers-Newark student or alumni you can expedite the registration process for the fair by RSVP'ing from your RaiderNet Account.

  For a Roster of Participating Schools & Test Prep Centers Click Here.

  Please contact me if you have any questions:

Event Contact:

Henry Rodriguez
Career Management Specialist