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 Internships are available for all majors & can be a terrific way to:

  • Help decide/affirm your choice of major/career
  • Gain valuable, relevant work experience
  • Develop a network among professionals that can assist you!
  • Earn "Academic Credit", money or both!

 The Career Development Center at Rutgers University-Newark offers the following employment search support services to students and alumni of Rutgers University: RaiderNet (on-campus interviewing; current R-N students ONLY); online internship and employment postings, internship services and employer information sessions; and annual Career Fair events.

  Students and Alumni should always be vigilant, responsible, and professional when interviewing and accepting internship and/or employment offers.

 If a student has an issue with any employer, he or she should contact Career Services immediately, and we will take appropriate action with the employer on behalf of the student.

 The primary CDC contact for internships is Ms. Cheryl Egan

Getting Started...

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  • Orientation Meetings
  • Majors
  • Contract Info
  • FAQ

 Students interested in applying for internships are required to:

  1. Attend a Mandatory Internship Orientation Meeting
  2. Attend an Activation Meeting
  3. Get resume approved by a Career Counselor either during a walk-in period or by appointment
  4. Click here to search and research potential opportunities and companies
  5. Apply!!!

 Orientation Meeting attendance is mandatory for all students interested in Internships:

Rutgers Business School

(Pending final review)


Monday 1/23 11:30 am Hill 314
Tuesday 2/7 4:30 pm Hill 314
Wednesday 2/29 2:30 pm Hill 314
Wednesday 3/21 2:30 pm Hill 102
Monday 3/26 11:30 am Hill 314
Tuesday 4/3 4:30 pm Hill 104
Wednesday 4/18 2:30 pm Hill 314

 Please see below the guidelines for credit-bearing Internships, by major, that require CDC approval:

*Please Note: If you do not see your major listed above you should contact the respective academic department directly for information.

 For credit-bearing Internships:

  1. Download the respective contract according to your major
  2. Attend an Internship Orientation Meeting
  3. Student & (employer) supervisor must complete the contract
  4. Student & (employer) supervisor must sign the contract
  5. All contracts should be dropped off in the CDC Main Office

*Please Note: Contract review may take up to 5 business days

Frequently asked Questions

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