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15th Annual Internship
& Summer Jobs Fair

Students/Alumni Section:

Looking for an Internship?

Need a Job for the Summer?

   This Career Fair is an exciting opportunity to meet with dozens of employers, gather important information, and network for both internships and professional positions.

   The Internship Fair is a great forum for learning more about the real opportunities out there and developing relationships with potential employers. A roster of employers will provide you with more details and information about the participating employers, and the opportunities that they are recruiting for.

Internships are a great way to:

  • Help decide/affirm your major/career choice
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Network amongst professionals
  • Integrate academic learning into an experiential setting
  • Possibly earn academic credit and/or money
  • Potentially lead to employment after graduation

Don't Forget:

  • Make sure that you have multiple copies of your RESUME. Feel free to stop by the WALK-IN PERIOD to have a Career Counselor review your resume prior to attending the event.
  • Your first impression can be very important so in additional to having your resume reviewed you want to present a PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE by dressing appropriately as you would for an interview.

Event Contact:

Cheryl Egan
Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator