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   As a Faculty member or Staff member at Rutgers University, you may be asked to write a letter of reference for a student or alumni to assist them in their graduate school application process or in obtaining a professional position. The following information can be useful for you as you write a letter of reference.

  1. Above all, as difficult as it may be, reference letter writers need to speak candidly with their students regarding their ability to serve as a reference.
  2. Having agreed to serve as a reference writer ... "Stick to the Facts"- the student's performance in class, on projects, and examinations.
  3. Avoid providing information that is outside of any personal observation.
  4. Comments indicating a student's gender (other than name), sexual preference, marital status, race, color, religion, disability, and/or national origin are NOT permissible.


   The Career Development Center offers an on-line Credentials File Service that simplifies the process for reference letter writers.

   The following link will provide more information about the ON- LINE CREDENTIALS FILE and how you can easily provide letters of reference through this service.