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Ethical Standards Guidelines for On-Campus Recruiting

  As a participant, you MUST adhere to the ethical standards endorsed by the Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center. Failure to comply with these standards will not only jeopardize your own internship or job opportunities, but also the impact larger relationship between Rutgers University and affected employers.

  Misrepresentations or inaccuracies concerning your qualifications on your RESUME or within your RaiderNet "profile" are a serious violation of Rutgers' recruiting standards and will result in the permanent loss of your access to all of our placement related services.

  Keep these ethical guidelines in mind, and we are confident that you will have a very positive experience in the On-Campus Recruitment Program. We wish you all the best in your employment search.


Resume Submission Guidelines
  Only submit resumes to those employers in whom you are genuinely interested and with whom you intend to interview, if selected. If you are unsure about your interest in an employer and need more information, read the company's Internet web page or contact the employer directly to request company literature (such as an annual report). You may also obtain some basic information from CDC. Although it is perfectly OK to ask questions regarding the organization, the immediate opportunities, and the advancement prospects during the interview, employers in most cases expect you to do some research prior to coming to the interview After doing this research, if you are still unsure about your interest in an employer, then DO NOT submit your resume. If you submit your resume and decide later that you are not interested, you will still be required to report for an interview if the employer requests one with you. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Candidate Selection & Interview Scheduling/Sign-up
  If an employer selects you for an interview, you are required to sign up for an interview time slot and report for that interview as scheduled.
  THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE REASON FOR NOT SCHEDULING AN INTERVIEW WOULD BE IF YOU HAVE ACCEPTED AN OFFER FROM ANOTHER EMPLOYER. In this case, you must notify CDC immediately AND you must withdraw from the On-Campus Recruitment Program (please see "Offer and Acceptance Guidelines" listed below).
Very Important!!!
  It is your responsibility to know your own schedule AND the On-Campus Recruitment Program's Schedule of Interviews. For example, if you see that the XYZ Company is coming to campus on a Thursday, and your class or work schedule on Thursdays makes scheduling an interview difficult, then DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR RESUME FOR AN ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEW. We cannot and will not cancel interviews because of academic or job scheduling conflicts.
  If you see a job opening that really interests you, but you are unable to attend its scheduled On-Campus Interview Day, please contact the Career Development Center to make other arrangements. We will personally submit your resume to the recruiter and explain that you have to schedule an interview at another time. However, this interview would have to be conducted at the employer's location. Under NO circumstances are you to use the On-Campus Recruitment program as a vehicle for "interview practice." If you want to practice interviewing, please contact the Career Development Center, and we will be happy to schedule a Mock Interview for you.
Consequences for Failing to Show-up for an Interview
  Scheduling an interview is a formal commitment between you and the employer. You are required to report for that interview as scheduled unless a legitimate reason arises, such as the acceptance of another offer, personal illness, or a death in the family. You will be considered a "no show" if you do not appear for your interview and do not contact CDC before your scheduled appointment. *See the next section for interview cancellation guidelines.
  A record will be kept of interview cancellations and no shows. After two cancellations or two no shows, you will be blocked from (i.e. prohibited from accessing) RaiderNet, the On-Campus Recruitment Program and On-Line Job Postings. After the first cancellation or no show, you will be temporarily suspended. You will be reinstated only after meeting with Dean Hopkins, Director of the Career Development Center and drafting a letter of apology to the affected employer which will also be kept on file at the Career Development Center.
Interview Cancellation Guidelines
  If you have no choice but to cancel an interview, follow the procedure below: Call Dean Hopkins at (973) 353-5313. If you get his voicemail during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday), you must leave a voicemail message AND THEN call CDC's main office at (973) 353-5311. If you are notifying him 24 hours or more prior to your interview appointment, you may also contact him by e-Mail at: In either case, you MUST write a letter or send an e-Mail message to the employer explaining the circumstances of your cancellation.
  You also must send a copy of your letter or e-mail message to Thomas J. Hopkins. Letters are sent to Thomas J. Hopkins, Director, Career Development Center, 360 King Blvd., Hill Hall 313, Newark, NJ 07102 and e-Mails to Mr. Thomas Hopkins, Director Career Development Center. If you do not complete both of these tasks, we will record the incident as a "no show."
Offer and Acceptance Guidelines
  If you receive an offer from an employer, you may continue to interview with other employers. However, we strongly encourage you to respond to the offering employer with an "acknowledgement of offer" letter. Be sure that you respond to the employer prior to his required deadline with your final decision. However, once you receive and accept an offer, you are making a formal commitment to the employer. This is a "serious commitment", and there are virtually no circumstances (with the rare exception of an extreme personal or family tragedy) that would justify your reneging on your acceptance of the offer.
  Remember, the employer is also committing to you by offering you the internship or employment opportunity! In addition, upon accepting an offer, it is ethically wrong to continue interviewing, sending letters of application, or conducting other job search activities.
  You have made the decision to commit to an employer, and your job search is over. You must immediately notify CDC of your employment acceptance and simultaneously withdraw from the On-Campus Recruitment Program. You may contact us by phone at (973) 353-5311 or by e-Mail at Accepting an employment offer and then reversing your decision is totally unacceptable behavior in the professional world. This not only destroys your personal credibility, but also reflects badly on Rutgers University. The employer may decide to discontinue recruiting at Rutgers, thus hurting the chances of other students/candidates.
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