21:352:224: Survey of American Literature

21:352:224:02 Survey of American Literature

Ehrlich, Spring 2010, Index #62205
W1F2 Hill 102

Office: Hill 521, Hours: W 10:00-11:30am and by appt.
Class web page: http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~ehrlich/224
Email: ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu

Required Text: (available at both Rutgers Bradley Bookstore and New Jersey Books)
Baym et al, Norton Anthology of American Literature 7th ed., Package Two (C, D & E )

Course Description | Chronology to 1900 | Improving papers: Please confer first

READINGS AND ASSIGNMENTS (Last updated April 28, 2010) [* items for final exam]
P Week 1                 JAN 20                 COURSE THEMES: Gender, Race, Class, Technology ||
Realism, Impressionism, Naturalism, Modernism, Postmodernism | DAY 1
P1   22 REALISM AND LOCAL COLOR: *White Heron, C522-28 or (online) | PAPER 1
  Week 2 27 *Harte, Roaring Camp, C226-33 or (online)
   29 *Twain, Huckleberry Finn,(Ch.1-3) C108-17
  Week 3 FEB 3 *Henry James, Daisy Miller C391-429;
E   5 In-Class Open Book Essay on "Daisy Miller"| NATURALISM: Bierce, 360-6;   *London 1052-57,
  Week 410-12 CLASS CANCELLED until WED. FEB 17
  Week 5 17-19 *Chopin, Storm, C531-34; *Crane, Maggie 957-1000
  Week 6 24 FEMINISM: *Gilman, Yellow Wallpaper C808-19, Why C820
DuBois, C894-910; Adams, C351-9; Turner, C1149-53, Marti, C1164-66
    26 SNOW: CAMPUS CLOSED - Midterm postponed to Wednesday, March 3
E Week 7 MAR 3 MIDTERM EXAM - new date (through Gilman)
    5 MODERNISM: World War I: Reed, D1374-779 Hemingway, D1377-79; Cummings D1379-82; Stein D1385-87, Manifestos: Marinetti, D1501; Loy, 1502-05 Pound, D1505 Pound Metro D1482; Pact 1481, Eliot, Prufrock D1577-80
  Week 8 10 Class postponed to Friday, March 12
P  12 POETRY: Frost: Road D1399, Woods D1403; || *Fitzgerald, Winter D1823-39 || PAPER 2 (due 31 March)
    17-19 SPRING BREAK
  Week 9 24 *Hemingway, Snows D1983-99
   26 *Faulkner, Barn Burning, D1955-67
PWeek 1031*Ellison, Invisible Man E2298-2304 || PAPER 2 due (new date)
    APR 2 *Baldwin, The Man E2508-20
  Week 11 7 *Malamud, Magic Barrel E2285-97
    9*Updike, Separating E2713-20 In-class quiz
QWeek 12 14 *Silko, E3082-90; Momaday E2766-73 | Paper 3 | In-class short quizx
    16 Poetry: Jarrell E2268, Ginsberg, Supermarket E2584, Howl E2576-82; Plath 2701, 2704, 2709
  Week 13 21POST-MODERNISM: New Directions: *Vonnegut, E2460-72; Spiegelman, E3101-3108
   23POETRY I: Sexton "Sylvia" E2643, Wilbur "Toad" E2433, O'Hara "Lady" E2594, Wright "Blessing" E2633, Levertov "What?" E2506, Levine "Fame" E2639. Harjo "Bear" E3129, and Rich "Power" E2658.
  Week 14 28 POETRY II: Bishop, "Waiting" E2177, Pinsky "Shirt" E2910. Collins "Forgetfulness" E2921, Lee "Gift" E3197, Kinnel "Love" E2601, Komunyakaa "Nude" E3079, and Dove "Fox Trot" E3146.
(Longer: Dickey "Falling" E2480-84, Merwin "Makers" E2624-29)
    30 Course Review
EFinal examMay 711:30am-2:30pm [* items for final exam]