350:335:01 Literature and Law

Ehrlich, Spring 2010, Index #76364
WF3 Hill 115
Office: Hill 521, Hours: W 10:00-11:30am and by appt.
Class web page: http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~ehrlich/224
Email: ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu

Required texts (at NJ Books and Bradley B&N Bookstore
Sophocles, Three Theban Plays (trans. Fagles, Penguin)
Aeschylus, Oresteia (trans. Lattimore, Chicago)
Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice (Bedford)
Camus, The Fall (Vintage)
Achebe, Things Fall Apart (Doubleday)
Online: Thoreau, Civil Disobedience | Melville, Tales |
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| Improving papers: Please confer first
WeekClassSchedule (Last updated April 28a, 2010) [* review for final]WednesdayFriday
Week 1  Jan 20-22 Law in Antiquity: Introduction| Code of Hamurabi (excerpts) || Ten Commandments ImpromptuPaper 0
Week 2  Jan 27-29 Sophocles: *Antigone Greek gods In-Class Essay 1
Week 3  Feb 3-5 Sophocles: *Oedipus the King Short Paper TBA
Week 4  Feb 10-12 CLASS CANCELLED until WED. FEB 17    
Week 5  Feb 17-19 Aeschylus *Agamemnon | Smyth translation: I | II *Libation Bearers, *Eumenides | Notes | Vases
Week 6  Feb 24-26 Shakespeare, *Merchant of Venice SNOW: Campus closed
Week 7  Mar 3-5 Shakespeare Merchant, cont.Bedford reports
Week 8  Mar 10-12 Midterm: essay & text analysis (Sophocles, Aeschylus, Shakespeare) || Thoreau, *"Civil Disobedience": Numbered paragraphs | Annotated Midterm exam Thoreau:
Recess  Mar 17-19 Spring Break --
Week 9  Mar 24Meville, *Bartleby Numbered paragraphs  Property rights vs. charity
Week 10  Mar 26-30Melville, *Billy Budd: Numbered paragraphs
| 1948 version, w/notes
Paper 3, Due Friday, April 2 Military vs. civil law
Week 11  Apr 2-9 Melville: *Benito Cereno Numbered paragraphs - New! TBAThe slave trade
Week 12 Apr 14-16 Albert Camus, *The Fall An existentialist view In-Class essay 3
Week 13  Apr 21-23 Chinua Achebe, *Things Fall Apart Traditional laws vs. written laws
Week 14  Apr 27-29 Achebe, cont.  
FinalMay 7Final exam: 8:30-11:30am [* works to review for final exam]

Course Notes
  • Do the readings for the six major authors, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Melville, Albert Camus, and Achebe, spaced about two weeks apart, before the class meetings.
  • Class work will focus on independent reading and argument, supported by evidence quoted directly from the texts, not by borrowed backgrounds, summaries, or downloads.
  • Instead of a single term paper, each reading will lead to its own writing assignments, either to be uploaded the day before the class meeting or to result in an in-class essay.
  • Regular attendance is required; initial the sign-up sheet in each class segment. Submit an offical written excuse if you exceed three class absenses.
  • Class participation is a major element in your grade: ask questions, speak up, participate! The opportunity to revise or do extra credit work may be available for most assignments.
  • Check the class web site for readings, papers, exams,in-class writing, assignments,and any updates in the class schedule.
  • Please avoid using your cellphone, smartphone, computer or other personal electronic device during the class: in emergencies, use them in the hall outside.