Greek Gods: Origins, simplified

Chaos | Uranus (sky) = Gaea (Earth) | --------------------------------------- | Cronus (Saturn) = Rhea [TITANS] | ---------------------- | | | Poseidon Hades Zeus [OLYMPIANS] | Athena

        Antigone's genealogy

  • Antigone [an-tig'o-nee], "contrary birth" This daughter of Oedipus and sister of Polynices and Eteocles buried Polynices despite Creon's decree that whoever buried him should be killed. Creon confined her to a sealed cave, where she would die-she hanged herself; Haemon, Creon's son, who was engaged to Antigone, killed himself with his sword; Creon's wife, Eurydice, then took her own life (Aeschylus, Seven against Thebes; Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone; Euripides, Phoenician Women; Apollodorus 3.5.8-9, 3.7.1; Hyginus, Fabulae 72). Family Tree 19. (Oxford)
  • Original 12 Olympian Gods
    Zeus Jupiter sky
    Poseidon Neptunesea
    Hades Plutounderworld
    HeraJuno wife of Zeus
    Ares Marswar
    Apollosunsun, poetry
    Hermes Mercurytravel
    Artemis Diana moon, hunt
    *Replaced by Dionysus (Bacchus), god of wine
    Aphrodite is married to Hephestus
    Apollo and Aretemis are twins

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