352:343 American Literature of the 20th Century
Invisible Man assignment: due in two parts, December 4th and 8th.

Instead of a formal paper, the assignment is to share (and possibly make) your own reading notes. Here’s the schedule; the explanation follows.

1) Due Friday, Dec. 4: your reading notes on sections already discussed in class, Prologue (pp. 3-14), Chapters 1-6 (pp. 15-150), and Chapters 7-13 (pp. 151-295).

2) Due Wednesday, Dec. 8: your reading notes on the remainder of the book, Chapters. 14- Epilogue (pp. 296-581), portions to be discussed in class Dec 4th (pp. 296-444) and Dec. 8th (pp 445-581).

Reading notes are selective: they may be keywords, reminders, queries, and cross-references, and they are rarely complete sentences. Surely they will not cover every incident or chapter in the book equally thoroughly.

If possible, hand in your original notes. If your notations are in the margins of your text, please copy them, indicating page numbers. If your notes are in the form of underlines, highlighting, or checkmarks in the margin of your text, please transfer them as well as you can. It is not necessary to type up what you hand in. Your materials will be returned at the next class meeting. Please be sure to avoid summaries and other reference materials that are not evidence of your own reading.