352:369 Topics in American Literature (The American War Novel)
Paper 2: This essay of 4-5 pages is due Friday, November 7, 2008.

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Frederick Henry in A Farewell to Arms is sometimes regarded as an older, more recent version of his near-namesake, Henry Fleming in The Red Badge of Courage. In your opinion, are they essentially treated similarly or differently by their respective authors as literary characters? Which incidents (better yet, which short passages) in the two texts best support your point of view? In developing your essay, select and briefly quote evidence with page citations in support of your argument so as to display the quality of your reading. How is the character of each shown directly to the reader? What is explained instead to the reader with commentary? What most defines or motivates each character? What are the strengths, weaknesses, and typical features of each? Why should the reader be interested in either character or their problems and conflicts? What seems to be the intention of each author in what is presented of these characters and how they are presented?

Please select one (1) aspect from the suggestions above and develop your essay with an argument supported by evidence from your reading. Since this paper is about the quality of your reading, please avoid paraphrasing the assignment, summarizing the plots, echoing the class discussions, or downloading second-hand commentary.

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