350:379 Computers and Literature, Fall 2003
Self-Scoring Sheet for Term Papers and Projects
No two student projects are entirely alike. Some of the criteria will not apply to the work of every student. This sheet describes a typical library or research paper. If you are doing a reading or research project, you would need to invent and follow your own comparable criteria. Of course, not every term paper can be publishable, professional, outstanding, original, well polished, and fascinating (see below), yet these standards of excellence are there for guidance. At the same time every term paper should avoid unacceptable qualities, such as being mere makework, just exercises lacking focus, something without an overall plan or supporting evidence, resulting in the carelessly assembly of incoherent elements. This self-scoring sheet suggests five levels of excellence: outstanding, very good, good, poor, and unacceptable, which correspond to the grades A, B, C, D, and F .

1.The paper or project attempts to address an academic level that is
PublishableGraduateUpper levelLower levelHigh school
2. The use of indexes such as the online MLA bibliography and links on the class web page is
3. The use of online text databases, such as Academic Search Premier, Muse, and Jstor is
ProfessionalAdvancedMiddlingWeak Absent
4. The use printed indexes and abstracts in Dana Library and other print research sources is
ProfessionalAdvancedMiddlingWeak Absent
5. The reading of appropriate primary and secondary material is
OutstandingSuperiorAcceptablePoor Missing
6. The case or argument based on this reading material aims to be
7. If present, any unconventional reading, research, or inquiry in the paper or project is
8. The thought, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics of the paper or project is
SuperiorVery goodSatisfactoryPoor Unacceptable
9. The degree of final editing or revision in the paper or project can be described as
Perfectly polishedPartly revisedRough in spotsA first draft Chaotic notes
10. The interest or accomplishment achieved in the paper is one that
Holds attentionHas good spotsIs mechanicalNeeds major workdoesn't follow