An Excellent Paper will be:
Plan: Well-defined, useful, intelligent, which takes into account the current state of knowledge on a subject and makes an valuable contribution to it. Begins with adequate survey of bibliography to respond to existing discussions.

Content: The reading or research shows an extensive mastery of the subject with substantial use (as appropriate) of primary materials such as novels, bibliographic indexes and surveys, and secondary material such as criticisms, histories, and reviews. Efficient exploitation of bibliographical and electronic leads in the Neal Spiller textbook and the class web site.

Execution: Mature argument developed with supporting evidence. Free of errors in grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation. Well edited to focus quotations and other evidence, remove distractions, effective introduction and conclusion. Clear sense of author's voice and how it connects with the reader. Well documented use of sources.

An Unacceptable Paper will be:
Plan: Subject not suitable for the 350:379 course. Fills space without adequate purpose or plan. Unaware of any other work in the field. Unapproved plan or topic.

Content: Quotations and comments seem to lack purpose, repetitious passages, excessive reliance on internet downloads, web search engines, encyclopedia articles. Argumentitve claims missing or exaggerated.

Execution: Errors of grammar, logic, organization. Undeveloped or commonplace arguments. Unsupported with evidence. Lack of purpose or focus. Little or no bibliographic exploration.