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352:382: Joyce Bibliography
Prof. Heyward Ehrlich, Fall 2005
Dept. of English, Rutgers - Newark

The highlighted listings below (with bullets, in red, bold) contain links to plain unformatted electronic texts that can be browsed online or downloaded for use in your word processor. Many have been uploaded locally for your convenience. Until they are verified, watch out for textual errors or variants that may make them unsuitable for close work.

Keep in mind that Chamber Music and Exiles were published by Joyce, but Stephen Hero and Giacomo Joyce appeared posthumously. Because of the long delay in the publication of Dubliners and the long gestations of Portrait and Ulysses, often there is significant overlap among Joyce's major works in Joyce's planning, writing, revision, serialization, further revision, publication, and correction of them -- complicated by posthumous textual issues concerning Ulysses arising from to the extraordinary conditions of its initial publication.

Two printed collections worth knowing about are the Viking Portable Joyce, a general selection with Joyce's poetry, his one play, Dubliners and Portrait complete, and excerpts from Ulysses and Finnegans Wake -- and James Joyce: The Critical Writings, ed. Ellsworth Mason and Richard Ellmann (1959), the short critical works, some selections from which appear as e-texts below.

A Chronology of Selected Texts: Printed and Online
-- See below for Criticism, Biography, Reference, Handbooks

  • Drama and Life (1900)
  • Ibsen's New Drama (1900)
  • The Day of the Rabblement (1901)
  • James Clarence Mangan (1902)
  • The Soul of Ireland (1903)
  • The Bruno Philosophy (1903)
  • Paris (1903) and Pola (1904) notebooks
    "Portrait of the Artist" (prose poem version, 1904) in Viking critical Portrait
    Serialization of three Dubliners tales (1904).
  • "The Holy Office" (1904)
  • Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages (1907)
  • James Clarence Mangan (1907)
  • Chamber Music (1907)
  • Chamber Music (Project Gutenberg)
  • Stephen Hero, first draft fragment of Portrait of the Artist, c. 1904-07 ///
  • Fenianism (1907)
  • The Home Rule Comet (1907)
  • Home Rule Comes of Age (1907)
  • Ireland at the Bar (1907)
  • Oscar Wilde, Poet of "Salome" (1907)
  • William Blake (1912)
  • The Shade of Parnell (1912)
  • The Mirage of the Fisherman of Aran (1912)
  • "Gas from a Burner" (1912)

    Dubliners (1914). Viking Critical. Ed. Robert Scholes, 1968.
    Other editions: Ed. Brenda Maddox Dubliners -- three tales serialized in Irish Homestead (1904) -- conflicts with publishers 1907-14

    Dubliners Online
  • Dubliners as Zip file (Project Gutenberg)
  • Dubliners in HTML (Project Gutenberg)

    Portrait of the Artist (1916) Viking Critical. Ed. Chester Anderson, 1964 Portrait -- unpublished fictionalized essay (1904) -- first draft version -- Stephen Hero fragment (c. 1904-07) -- serialized in The Egoist 1914-1915 -- published in New York (1916)
    Other editions: Ed. Thomas F. Staley | Ed. Shamus Deane | Ed. Hugh Kenner | Ed. R. B. Kershner

    Portrait Online:
  • Portrait of the Artist as Zip file (Project Gutenberg)
  • Portrait by chapters
    Brandon Kershner's Portrait web page (with illustrations):
  • -- Home page:
  • A | Part B | Part C | Part D | Part E -- Biography:
  • Part A | Part B | Part C | Part D -- Criticism:
  • -- Notes:

  • Giacomo Joyce (1914, ed. R. Ellmann, 1968)

  • Exiles, (1918; New Directions, 1951, with Joyce's notes.) Joyce's only play

    Ulysses (1922) -- early chapters serialized in Little Review, New York (1918-20) -- extensive revision of proofs (1921) -- published but immediately censored (1922) -- first US/UK editions (1933-34) -- "corrected" Gabler edition (1984-86) -- out of copyright in US (1992) -- continuing dispute: back in copyright or never copyrighted in US (Digital Millenium Copyright Act, c. 1998)
    Joyce's Ulysses has a complex publishing history, issued in France in 1922 but banned in Britain and the United States, issued in a faulty reprint (Random House, 1934), and in several "corrected" but disputed editions, esp. 1984-86, the work supposedly came out of copyright in the UK in 1992 [1941 + 50] but has been the occasion for recent legal disputes (e.g. the Cork anthology). It is legally available online only in Canada, a restriction impossible to enforce. Under pressure from the Disney Company, American copyright was extended in the 1990s from 50 to 70 years, which would put Ulysses back into copyright until 2012 -- if indeed the work was ever formally copyrighted at all because of its censorship. Anticipating the end of copyright for Ulysses, W. W. Norton advanxced a sum said to be $400,000 for a research project to produce a definitive annotated text/hypertext as part of a new collected Joyce, but the project was disbanded without any positive results. Despite the presumably weak legal position of the Joyce estate, publishers in the United States have been reluctant to start what might beoome a test case.
    Other editions: Paris, 1922, first edition | Random House 1934, first American ed. | Modern Library Vintage ed, 1961 | Ed. Hans Walter Gabler, 1986 | Ed. Danis Rose. Reader's edition | Ed. Declan Kiberd (Penguin), with notes | Ed. Jeri Johnson (Oxford) facsmile of 1922 edition, with notes

    Ulysses Online:
  • The 1922 text
  • Ulysses as Zip file (Project Gutenberg)
  • Ulysses by episodes
  • Groden's notes on Ulysses
  • Ulysses for Dummies
  • Ulysses pagefinder (Split Pea)
  • Joyce's "schema"
  • Ulysses short synopsis (Rickard)
  • The James Joyce Text Machine (Ulysses hypertext demonstration))

    Finnegans Wake -- portions published in transition as Work in Progress (1923--) -- twelve friends contribute to Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress (1929) -- US publication contract signed (1931) -- publication (1939)

    Finnegans Wake Online:
  • A Wake Concordance:

  • Collection of poems -- in one file

    Other collections:
    Poems and Shorter Writings, ed Ellmann, et al 1991
    Poems and "Exiles". Ed J. C. C. Mays, 1992
    Occasional, Critical, and Political writing. Ed Kevin Barry. Oxford 2000
    CD ROM: E-Codex James Joyce [complete works] (Insight Engineering)

    Selected Criticism, Biography, Reference, and Handbooks, including online versions

    This list notes copies on reserve at the Dana Library circulation desk and also non-circulating copies in the reference department. These items are marked (Reserve) -- with LC call number in some cases -- and [ REFERENCE ] . Please do not charge out more than one reserve volume at a time, and if you replace reference works, do so scrupulously carefully.

    Gorman, Herbert. James Joyce (1939)
    Peake, C S : JJ The Citizen and the artist

  • (C S Peake online)
    Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce (1959, rev. 1982) PR 6019.O9 Z5332 ( Reserve )
    Maddox. Brenda. Nora: A Biography of Nora Joyce (1988)

    Privileged Commentaries:
    Gilbert, Stuart. James Joyce's "Ulysses." 1930, rev. 1952. PR 6019.O9 U65 (Keserve)
    Budgen. Frank. James Joyce and the Making of "Ulysses." 1934, rev, 1951. PR 6019.O9 U63 (Reserve)
  • (Frank Budgen online)
    Beja, Morris. James Joyce: A literary Life ( Reserve )
    Guides to research and handbooks:
    Rice, Thomas Jackson. James Joyce: A Guide to Research (1982) [ REFERENCE]
    Bowen, Zack and James F. Carens, eds. A Companion to Joyce Studies (1984) [ REFERENCE]
    Staley, Thomas. An Annotated Critical Bibliography of James Joyce (1989) [ REFERENCE]
    Fargnoli, Nicholas and Mike Gillespie, Joyce from A-Z [ REFERENCE]
    Fargnoli, Nicholas James Joyce: A Literary Reference (DLB #274)

    Collections of Criticism
    Givens, Seon, ed. James Joyce: Two Decades of Criticism (1948)
    Deming, Robert. ed. James Joyce: the Critical Heritage (2 vols,. 1970) [ REFERENCE]
    Hart, Clive and David Hayman, eds. James Joyce's "Ulysses. ( Reserve )
    Derek Attridge, ed. [Cambridge] Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses (1990) ( Reserve )
    Norris, Margot, ed [Bedford] Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses (1998)
    Bloom, Harold, ed.[Chelsea House] Joyce. [ REFERENCE]
    Bloom, Harold, ed.[Chelsea House] Ulysses.
    Donleavy,Janet Egleson , ed. Reviewing Classics of Joyce Criticism (llinois, 1991)
    Reynolds, Mary T. James Joyce: A Collection of Critical Essays (Prentice-Hall, 1993)

    Introductions and Viewpoints
    Levin, Harry. James Joyce (1941)
    Tindall, William York, A Reader's Guide to James Joyce (1959)
    Ellmann, Richard. Ulysses on the Liffey PR 6019.O9 U64 ( Reserve )
    Kenner, Hugh Joyce's Voices
    Kenner, Hugh Dublin's Joyce
  • Jorn Barger's wide-ranging non-academic Joyce sites (restored from pre-Sept 2003 web pages)

    Dubliners and Portrait
    Gifford, Don. Notes for Joyce (Dubliners, Portrait)
    Robert Scholes, et al The Workshop of Dedalus
  • (Scholes online)
    Jackson, John Wyse and Bernard McGinley, James Joyce's Dubliners: An Illustrated Edition (1993)
    Kershner, R. B. ed, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man .Bedford Case Studies 1993)
    Wollaeger, Mark A. ed. James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: A Casebook (Oxford, 2003)

    Blamires, Harry, The Bloomsday Book [Ulysses] (1966, rev,) [ REFERENCE]
    Gifford, Don et al, "Ulysses" Annotated. 1974, rev. 1989 PR 6019.O9 U647 (3 hour reserve) [ REFERENCE]
    Thornton, Wendell. Ulysses notes [ REFERENCE]
    Benstock, Bernard, et al Who's He When He's at Home: [ REFERENCE]
  • online)
    Attridge, Derek. James Joyce's Ulysses: A Casebook (Oxford, 2003)

    Online Webliography and Syllabi
  • Groden: Joyce in Cyberspace
  • (Groden: publications, courses, readings, bibliography, online)
  • Rickard: Joyce bibliography
  • (Rickard: internet resources, syllabus, readings)
  • (bibliography of secondary works)
  • Jolanta's slides of Joyce's Dublin

    James Joyce Quarterly, 1963-- (current Joyce bibliography)
    James Joyce Literary Supplement, 1987-
    Joyce Studies Annual:
    James Joyce Broadsheet
    Hypermedia Joyce Studies (published online)
  • | First issue:
    Genetic Joyce Studies (published online)

    Ed. Stuart Gilbert and Richard Ellmann, 3 vols PR 6019.O9 Z52 (3 vols. reserve)
    Selected Letters, ed Richard Ellmann, 1966

    Films and Audio Recordings:
    Ulysses, dir. Joseph Strick, 1967
    A Portrait of the Artist, dir. Joseph Strick, 1967
    The Dead, dir. John Huston, 1988.
    Nora, written by Brenda Maddox, 2002.
    Bl'om, Sean Kelly?, 2003
    Joyce, reading excerpts from "Aeolus" and "Anna Livia Plurabelle"
    Ulysses. complete reading by RTE (Irish radio), 1982

    Joyce Online

    General Web pages::
  • www.robotwisdom,com/jaj/ (Jorn Barger's IQ Infinity: the Unknown James Joyce)
  • (JJIF: James Joyce Resource Center)
  • (James Joyce Internet Resources)
  • James Joyce Scholar's collection (16 out-of-print works)
  • (Trent, Bibliomania, Gutenberg, Adelaide)
  • (Joyce Society of New York: selected links) [382_fa05_biblio1.html]