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350:382: James Joyce, Fall 2005
Prof. H. Ehrlich, TuTh 2:30 - 3:50 pm, Conklin 302, Index #34313
Office: Hill 521, Hours: TuTh 1:30-2:30pm

Required Texts:

  1. James Joyce, Dubliners (1914). Viking Critical Ed, ed. Robert Scholes, et al, 1968, 1996. Cited as (D page number),
  2. James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) Viking Critical Ed, ed. Chester Anderson, et al, 1964, 1972. Cited as (P page number),
  3. James Joyce, Ulysses (1922). Ed. Hans Walter Gabler, 1986. Cited as (U episode number:line number),


The Viking critical editions of Dubliners and Portrait contain the standard text, relevant documents, and selected commentaries. The Gabler edition of Ulysses introduces standardized line numbers (available at New Jersey Books).

C   O   U   R   S   E           S   C   H   E   D   U   L   E         (Revised Nov. 16, 2005)
Date Assignments: Reports, Papers, Projects Readings: Works, Titles, Pages
Sept. 1 Introduction  
Sept. 6-22 Dubliners Dubliners, The Sisters, An Encounter, Araby, Eveline, The Two Gallants, The Boarding House, A Little Cloud, Counterparts, Clay, A Painful Case, A Mother, Grace, The Dead; 9/22: Post short paper on a recurring theme in Dubliners to the class page on Blackboard
Sept. 27-Oct. 6Portrait 9/27: Joyce   1904 "Portrait" and Portrait Ch. 1; 9/29: Portrait Ch. 2-3; 10/4: Portrait Ch. 4-5; 10/6: Essay and Exam
Oct. 11-13 Ulysses Ulysses, Ch.1-3: Telemachus, Nestor, Proteus
Oct. 18-20  Ulysses,Ch.4-7: Calypso, Lotus-Eaters, Hades, Aeolus  
Oct 25-27    Ulysses, Ch. 8-11: Lestrygonians, Scylla and Charybdis, Wandering Rocks
Nov. 1-3 Research ideas New schedule
Nov 8-10 Nov 8: Portrait topics;
Nov 10: Dubliners paper
Ulysses, Ch. 12-14: Sirens, Cyclops, Nausicca, [Oxen of the Sun]
Nov 15-1711/15:Portrait paper;
Term paper options
Ulysses, Ch. 15-16, Circe, Eumaeus Ch. 17, Ithaca
Nov 29-Dec 111/29: Term paper proposals;
12/1: working draft of term paper(s)
Ulysses, Ch. 18 Penelope;
Dec 6-812/8: Final version of term paper(s) in Word posted to Blackboard Ulysses review;
Dec 13Last day of classes: Course overview

Assignments: three short papers, one long paper, oral reports, quizzes, discussion board, midterm and final exams

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