350: 382 James Joyce | Term paper Option | November 17, 2005

If you do not wish to do a term paper, traditionally 8-12 pages, you may opt to do two medium length papers, about 4-5 pages each. One paper will focus on reading, the other on criticism and research. Here is a list of suggested topics. Submit others for approval:

Reading: Select one.
  1. Compare the treatment of Stephen in Portrait and Ulysses
  2. Compare the treatment of minor characters such as Simon Dedalus and Lynch in Portrait and Ulysses. Or, compare the treatment of minor characters such as Lenehan, Doran, the Conroys, and others in Dubliners and Ulysses.
  3. What knowledge of Dubliners and Portrait does Joyce assume in the Circe chapter of Ulysses?
  4. What light does a reading of Joyce's minor or unpublished works, such as his play Exiles or his experimental manuscript Giacomo Joyce, cast on Ulysses? Or, what light does a reading of Stephen Hero cast on Portrait? (Select one.)
  5. Joyce apparently sketched the last two chapters of Ulysses (Ithaca and Penelope) before planning the middle chapters. What important facts did he reveal in these chapters about his main characters that he decided not to reveal previously?
Research: Select one.

A. What contribution to Joyce studies is made by one or more of the following? Read and review the book and its discussion in the critical literature.
  1. Stuart Gilbert's James Joyce's Ulysses
  2. Frank Budgen, James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses
  3. Richard Ellmann, James Joyce (biography)
  4. Hugh Kenner, Joyce's Voices; Dublin's Joyce; The Portrait in Perspective; or Ulysses
  5. Richard Ellmann, Selected Letters
  6. Stanislaus Joyce, My Brother's Keeper
B. Trace the controversy over one of the following:
  1. The first American printing of Ulysses by Random House in 1934.
  2. The Gabler edition of Ulysses in 1984.
  3. The Danis Rose edition of Ulysses in 1997.
  4. The current copyright status of Ulysses.
C. Review the online Joyce resources available at the web site of one of the following:
  1. Michael Groden
  2. Jorn Barger
  3. The International James Joyce Foundation
  4. The Brazen Head
  5. The James Joyce Society