352:510 Contextualizing Autobiography:Term Paper or Project Proposal		Name: ______________________________
(Due April 22, 2009; Use extra sheets as necessary)

	1. Working title or subject -- what you expect to do

	2.  Rationale or purpose -- why -- your claim -- sample introduction or conclusion

	3. Research procedure -- how it will be done.

		a. Research surveys (e.g, ALS)

		b. Common knowledge (handbooks, encyclopedias, literary histories, dictionairies)

		c. Leading intepretations (recent monographs)

		d. Research bibliography (MLA, Project Muse, Jstor)

		e. Primary materials (archives)

		f. Online (archives, specialist Web sites

		g. Unusual sources

	4.  Destination -- where it might be published

	5.  Special considerations