510 Research Procedure Suggestions (26 March 2009)

1. Starting Points: Guides, Handbooks, Histories, Anthologies, Interpretations

James Harner, Literary Research Guide, 8th ed, MLA 2008
Richard Kopley, ed., Prospects for the Study of American Literature, NYU, 1997
Resources for American Literary Study, -- ( Project Muse, 1998-2001)
American Literary Scholarship, 1965-- ( Project Muse, 1998-2006)
Jack Salzman, ed. American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography 3 v, 1984-88. 1990.

Oxford Companion to American Literature, 6th ed, 1995
Jack Salzman, Cambridge Handbook of American Literature. 1986.
James Woodress, ed. Eight American Authors, rev 1971
Robert A Rees & Harbert, Fifteen American Authors (rev 1984)
Max J. Herzberg, Reader's Encyclopedia of AL, 1962, rev. George Perkins, gen. ed., 1991
Frank Lentricchia et al, Critical Terms for Literary Study, 2nd ed, 1995
Michael Groden.et al, Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism. 2nd ed. 2004

Sacvan Bercovitch,. ed. Cambridge History of American Literature, 8 vol. 1994-98
Emory Elliot, ed, Columbia Literary History of the United States (1988)
Emory Elliot. ed. The Columbia History of the American Novel. 1991.
Nina Baym. ed. Norton Anthology of American Literature, 7th ed.
Paul Lauter, ed. Heath Anthology of American Literature

D. H. Lawrence Studies in Classic American Literature. 1922.
Vernon L. Parrington, Main Currents in American Thought 3 volumes, 1927-30
F.O. Matthiessen, American Renaissance, 1941
David S. Reynolds, Beneath the American Renaissance, 1989
Jay Grossman, Reconstituting the American Renaissance, Duke, 2003
LaVonne Browne Ruoff, ed, Redefining American Literary History, 1990
Stephen Greenblatt and Giles Gunn, eds. Redrawing the Boundaries, 1992

2. For individual authors:

Collected works. letters, papers
Biographies and interpretations
Annotated editions -- textual, critical, and cultural (Norton, Bedford, New Riverside)
Author/subject guides, handbooks, backgrounds (Oxford. Cambridge, Columbia, Routledge)

3. Online: Bibliographical indexes (subscription databases):

MLA Bibliography
Project Muse
See also: author, period, subject Web sites
Literary Criticism Online
Introduction to Modern Literary Theory (2006)