699-February 8, 2012

Assignments for February 15 :
We can use the short stories posted this week to reconsider Joyce's achievement in Dubliners. What were the grounds on which Joyce developed the stories? Was it his detailed familiarity with Dublin people and places? His intense love-hate relationship with its characters and culture, especially their sexuality, religion, and politics? His extraordimnary eye for visual detail and ear for local idiom and speech? His reinvention of plot, narrative, and character through an awareness of -- and principled opposition to -- the "rules" of short story writing? His pushing back even more when publishers would not accept his manuscripts? Others? For February 15, please take up some of these suggestions and analyze two or three of the stories in a paper of 3-5 pages. Please upload it by noon Tuesday, February 14 to the class discussion thread.

Beja, A Literary Life. Ch. 3 (40-62)
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ch. I, II,. III
Chronology, 227-30 (All pages in Norton critical edition)
John Mitchel, 230-35
Douglas Hyde, 263-71
John Millington Synge, 271-75
Pinamonti, 282-89
Pater, 292-301
Wilde, 301-03

Publication history
Stephen Hero (1903-07), posth. 1944
"Portrait of the Artist" (January 1904), posth.
The Egoist (serialization, 1914-1916)
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (New York: B. W. Huebsch, 1916)
Critical edition with textual variants, ed. Hans Walter Gabler, 1993

Suggested Readings for Portrait
Edmund Wilson, Axel's Castle,1931
Robert Scholes, The Workshop of Daedalus, 1965. Collection of basic Joyce materials. Online
Chester A. Anderson, ed. Portrait Viking Critical Edition, 1968. Useful related texts, notes, criticism.
Gifford, Don. Joyce Annotated, 2^nd ed 1982 On Dubliners and Portrait.
Thomas F Staley in Anglo-Irish Literatureed Richard J Finneran, 1976 (366-435)
-- Recent Research on Irish Writers, 1983 (181-202)
James F Carens, in A Companion to Joyce Studies, ed, Bowen and Carens, 1988 (255-359)
Mark A. Wollaeger, ed. Portrait, Oxford Casebook, 2003. Well selected critical articles.
R. B. Kerschner, ed. Portrait, Bedford Case Studies, 2^nd ed. 2006. Examples of critical approaches.

Portrait online
http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~rac101/concord/texts/paym/ Concordance

Brandon Kershner's Portrait web page
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A Portrait of the Artist, dir. Joseph Strick, 1967