A Dubliners Time Chart [699-Dub3c.htm] Heyward Ehrlich © January 2012

Dubliners had a complex publishing history. Three stories were published in the Irish Homestead in 1904, nine more were written in 1905, and "Two Gallants" and "A Little Cloud" were added during negotiations with publishers Grant Richards (London) and Maunsel (Dublin). In 1906, "The Sisters" and two other stories were revised, and Joyce added "The Dead" in 1907. The eventual publication of Dubliners by Richards in June 1914 overlapped both the start of the serialization of Portrait in The Egoist in February and the earliest drafts of Ulysses in March. For details, see short or long Joyce chronologies.

CompPub TitlePublicationComp/Revision Dates
  1  1The Sisters13Aug 04, Irish Homestead  Rev May-June 06
  2  4Eveline10 Sept 04, Irish Homestead  
  3  5After The Race7 Dec 04, Irish Homestead  
  4 10Clayrejected, Jan 05 Rev 1906
  5  7Boarding House  July 05
  6  9Counterparts  July 05
  7 11Painful Case  July 05, rev 1906
  8 12Ivy day in Committee Room  Aug 05
  9  2An Encounter  18 Sept 05
 10 13A Mother  Sept 05
 11  3Araby  Oct 05
 12 14Grace  Oct-Nov 05
 13  6Two Gallants  Feb 06
 14  8Little Cloud  1906
 15 15The Dead  1907

Joyce publishing timeline 1900-1916 (age 18-34)
1900: Dublin: "Ibsen's New Drama"
1901: "The Day of the Rabblement"
1904: January: Dana rejects "Portrait"; Stehen Hero started; Irish Homestead publishes "The Sisters" (Aug. 13), "Eveline" (Sept. 10), and "After The Race" ( Dec. 17) but not "Clay"; October: "The Holy Office"
1905: Trieste: July: "Boarding House," "Counterparts," "Painful Case"; September: "Ivy Day," "An Encounter," "A Mother," "Araby." October: "Grace"; December: submits a set of 12 storIes to Grant Richards (London), negotiation follows.
1906: February: Joyce adds "Two Gallants"; July: adds "A Little Cloud"; Sepember: Richards rejects MS; Stehen Hero revised.
1907: March: "The Dead"; Chamber Music issued in London; does Italian jouirnalism.
1908: Portrait of the Artist, Chapters I-III
1909: Maunsel (Dublin) considers publication for 1910
1911: Maunsel makes and then destroys sheets; "A Curious History"
1912: "Gas from a Burner"
1913: Pound begins correspondence with Joyce
1914: February: serialization of Portrait begins In The Egoist.. March: Joyce begins earliest drafts of of Ulysses; starts work on Exiles June: Richards issues Dubliners.
1915: Zurich: Joyce, as British national, must leave Trieste, then part of Austria
1916: Portrait published in New York by B. W. Huebsch, later of Viking Press