JJTM: The James Joyce Text Machine:

  1. JJTM: The James Joyce Text Machine matches the need for scholarly annotation against various hypertext techniques, such as HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets. The sample text is a passage of the Calypso episode of James Joyce's Ulysses. Most of the links work (you can click on them and see something). One or two are only mock-ups. This demonstration is not part of any actual hypertext edition.

  2. Browsers: These demonstrations work best with W3C standard browsers, preferably Internet Explorer or Firefox. Note: Netscape Navigator 4.x -- which not a W3C standard browser -- is not recommended for these demonstrations. It will, in fact, crash on some examples unless you select the limited menu below designed for it.

  3. The remote control menu: After you select your browser the appropriate pop-up menu will appear. You may move, resize, minimize, close, or reopen it. A few demos that require unique features of Internet Explorer are not on this remote control menu but may be accessed from the Main Menu as "Proprietary Demos."

Select a browser familyCommentDemos
Internet Explorer IE using W3C standards and including Microsoft proprietary extensions all items
Firefox - formerly Netscape Using W3C HTML 4.0 compatible standards most items
Netscape 4 Older NS4, AOL, Compuserve, Opera, other non-W3C browsers
very few items
Let the software guess Feeling clueless? Is the software really as smart as it thinks? 
Chrome Not tested on Chrome -- try IE or Firefox

Seen most recently at Joyce conferences in London (2000); Miami, New York, and Berkeley (2001); Trieste (scheduled, 2002)

Heyward Ehrlich, Dept of English
Rutgers University, Newark, NJ 07102 USA
Written 16 June 2002,last modified September 25, 2010