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The Annotator page demonstrates an edit designer implementation that lets you add, remove, and modify comments in a Web page. Individual comments are marked with custom glyphs, so it's easy to locate them. You might use comments like this to keep track of ideas in a document in progress, make notes for later markup changes, or explain parts of your text to other browsing users without the need to include your explanation in the page text.

Click the Show Comment Glyphs button above.

Now you can see glyphs that mark the location of comments in the content-editable region. Click any glyph to edit the comment it denotes.This comment uses comment tags. When you click again anywhere in the page other than the comment edit window, the revised comment will be saved and the comment edit window will close.

Add a comment to the page in the same way. Click the Add Comment button, add text to the comment edit window, and click outside the edit window to save and close the comment.

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