Footnote, help, and annotation operations
    Proprietary to Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+

  1. Footnoter
    New footnote command produces three results: 1) autonumbered flag, 2) text in tooltip popup message, and 3) text in endnote (IE only)

  2. Context menus
    The standard Windows right-click contextual help menu can be supplemented by a customized CTRL-right-click menu (IE only)

  3. Visibility/display intro
    Annotation may be revealed (or concealed) on demand by two different methods (IE only)

  4. Help/glossary pops
    Hypertext destinations via right-click help menus on the page and glossary-click on bolded text. (IE)

  5. XML mix and match
    In XML (extensible markup language), content is separated from formatting. In this XML demo, several data sources (databases) and formatting profiles (stylesheets) can be matched by the user, (IE)

  6. Annotation window
    In this demo there ane hidden annoations with glyphs to mark their presence. One button shows the glyphs, a second button makes the annotatyons clickable, and a third button invites the user to add her own annotations (not working correctly).(IE)