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     She swallowed a draught of tea The FOOTNOTE tag calls on XML to insert an auto-numbered footnote reference in parentheses, displaying the note as a tooltip when the mouse is over the reference. from her cup held by nothandle In addition, the contents of the note are pushed to the end of the document as a numbered endnote. and,
having wiped her fingertips smartly on the blanket, began to search the text Both the reference format (REFORMAT) and the note format (TEXTFORMAT) may be specified. Here's the full syntax:
... text of the footnote ...

with the hairpin till she reached the word.
   --Met him what? he asked.
   --Here, she said. What does that mean?
     He leaned downward and read near her polished thumbnail.
   --Yes. Who's he when he's at home?
   --Metempsychosis, he said, frowning. It's Greek: from the Greek. That
means the transmigration of souls.
   --O, rocks! she said. Tell us in plain words.