The James Joyce Text Machine: Future Shock
Some hypertext avenues to be explored...

1Annotation software Beckman, Anaya, proxy servers, layers
2DNA genetic software textual genetic software
3Hypertext/electronic literacy Theory, practice, discussion, demographics
4Computer Industry: Anti-trust Microsoft case, Supreme Court on copyright, Netscape/AOL
5Index/concordances Word patterns, selectrive retrieval
6Text chunking Paragraph, section numbering
7Style sheets Uniform appearance, user selectable patterns
8Gabler left-hand pages Select level on the fly
9Media, multimedia Add pictures, song and reading audio, animated graphics,video
10Tutorial Introduction to scholar's HTML
11XML as database: Structured as data, pages on demand, Xlink, Xpointers
12Frontiers 1: Customized keyboard, Explorer bars and bands, e-readers
13Frontiers 2: Customized Help, Bookmarklets, HTML+Time, tooltips. doubleclick
14Frontiers 3: Sniffers for browser, screen, OS, plugins, enabled
15Dreamweaver vs. Microsoft: Behaviors, inner HTML, runtime, ID, .NET initiative, XP
16Browser Wars revisited Netscape 7, Internet Explorer 6, Opera 6 -- what will AOL do?
17W3C A new hope for webstandard browsers -- what will programmers do?
18Netscape 4.7 (c. 1998) When will scholars and academic networks upgrade -- and to what?
Berkeley, California: July 3, 2001; Trieste, Italy: June 16, 2002