CONCORDANCE: text, met, transmigration, metempsychosis, mocking, charades, circus, Ruby...

text (31)
Critical writings
Fisherm:3 sixteen hours, and from Galway to Halifax, the first port in Canada, three days and ten hours. The text of the booklet attached to the map bristles with figures, estimates of cost, and oceanographic
Grace :173 die they may receive you into everlasting dwellings. Father Purdon developed the text with resonant assurance . It was one of the most difficult texts in all the Scriptures, he said,
Grace :173 one of the most difficult texts in all the Scriptures, he said, to interpret properly. It was a text which might seem to the casual observer at variance with the lofty morality elsewhere preached by
Grace :173 with the lofty morality elsewhere preached by Jesus Christ. But, he told his hearers, the text had seemed to him specially adapted for the guidance of those whose lot it was to lead the life of
Grace :174 a text for business men and professional men. Jesus Christ, with His divine understanding of every cranny of our human nature, understood that all men were not called to the religious life,
1 :366 text and ten pages of notes about the folk and the fishgods of Dundrum.
2 :63 text:
4 :334 having wiped her fingertips smartly on the blanket, began to search the text
12 :1508 and children of Drogheda to the sword with the bible text God is love
16 :1269 would let him, in? Text: open thy mouth and put thy foot in it.
17 :390 by a glossary, he had derived imperfect conviction from the text, the
17 :768 By a periphrastic version of the general text.
v:120 reader suffering from an ideal insomnia: all those red raddled obeli cayennepeppercast over the text, calling unnecessary attention to errors, omissions, repetitions and misalignments: that (probably

met (165)
4 :336 -- Met him what? he asked.
8 :112 parallax. Met him pike hoses she called it till I told her about the
8 :1148 for sins you did in a past life the reincarnation met him pike hoses. Dear,
11 :500 Mrs Marion. Met him pike hoses. Smell of burn. Of Paul de Kock.
11 :1062 man the tune. Met him pike hoses. Philosophy. O rocks!
11 :1188 Mady, with sweets of sin with frillies for Raoul with met him pike hoses
16 :1473 Ruby with met him pike hoses ( sic ) in it which must have fell down
17 :686 or by false analogy or by both: metempsychosis ( met him pike hoses), alias

transmigration (3)
4 :342 means the transmigration of souls.
8 :113 transmigration. O rocks!
8 :1147 and drowned in New York. Holocaust. Karma they call that transmigration

metempsychosis (10)
4 :339 -- Metempsychosis?
4 :341 -- Metempsychosis, he said, frowning. It's Greek: from the Greek. That
4 :367 remind her of the word: metempsychosis. An example would be better. An
4 :375 -- Metempsychosis, he said, is what the ancient Greeks called it. They used
13 :1118 tree, so blind. Have birds no smell? Metempsychosis. They believed you
14 :897 the guest with himself, the wonderfully unequal faculty of metempsychosis
14 :1100 of metempsychosis, it is she, the everlasting bride, harbinger of the daystar,
15 :1226 By metempsychosis. Spooks.
15 :1706 Venus Metempsychosis, and plaster figures, also naked, representing
17 :686 or by false analogy or by both: metempsychosis (met him pike hoses), alias

mocking (15)
Critical writings
Ireland:28 Stuart, Queen of Scots, nor the legendary fugitive, Bonnie Prince Charlie) had the wicked idea of mocking the Queen's consort as though he were an abdicated German prince, amusing themselves by imitating
Joyce: Portrait:
Ch. 2:84 As he watched this swaying form and tried to read for himself the legend of the priest's mocking smile there came into Stephen's memory a saying which he had heard from his father before he had
Ch. 2:91 against the riot of his mind. The letters cut in the stained wood of the desk stared upon him, mocking his bodily weakness and futile enthusiasms and making him loathe himself for his own mad and
Ch. 5:176 of a doubting monk, stood often in shadow under the windows of that age, to hear the grave and mocking music of the lutenists or the frank laughter of waistcoateers until a laugh too low, a phrase,
Ch. 5:226 sweated behind him and seemed at every moment about to act. The catcalls and hisses and mocking cries ran in rude gusts round the hall from his scattered fellowstudents. --A libel on
1:128 and Bertha and our godless nameless child. {Holding out his hands to her.} Can you not bear her mocking me while I speak? You must know the voice, surely, the voice that called you "the black
2 :159 movement, flashing in their mocking mirrors the obscure soul of the world,
4 :344 He smiled, glancing askance at her mocking eyes. The same young
7 :445 Bloom's wake, the last zigzagging white on the breeze a mocking kite, a tail
15 :2123 (with a mocking whinny of laughter grins at Bloom and Zoe Higgins)
15 :2789 (bagweighted, passes the door) Mocking is catch. Best value in Dub. Fit for
15 :4058 flashing, they catch the sun in mocking mirrors, lifting their arms.)
i:251 mixed up in duels and here's B. Rohan meets N. Ohlan for the prize of a thou. But listen to the mocking birde to micking barde making bared! We've heard it aye since songdom was gemurrmal. As he was
iii:322 you scum of a botch, (of Kersse who, as he turned out, alas, hwen ching hwan chang, had been mocking his hollaballoon a sample of the costume of the country). -- Tape oaf that saw foull and sew
iii:498 of scents in an italian warehouse, erica's clustered on his hayir, the spectrem of his prisent mocking the candiedights of his dadtid, bagpuddingpodded to the deafspot, bewept of his chilidrin and

charades (10)

16:50 McCann used very often to organise a charades in which he used to take the most violent parts. The charades were very farcical and everyone took his part with goodwill, Stephen as well as the others.
16:50 McCann used very often to organise a charades in which he used to take the most violent parts. The charades were very farcical and everyone took his part with goodwill, Stephen as well as the others. Stephen
16:50 against McCann's uproarious acting and for this reason the two were often 'picked' together. These charades wearied Stephen a little but McCann was very much given to organising them as he was of the opinion
19:5 public speaking -- for the bar and the political platform. --Mr Daniel could say as much for his charades. --I daresay he could. --So this Censor of yours is inspecting my essay? --Well. He's liberal
22:Heading Ashmead Bartlett and deepened his voice to reproduce the oratory of the grand old man. During the charades [he] Father Healy kept asking Mr Daniel to repeat to him the witticisms of the players and very
4 :345 eyes. The first night after the charades. Dolphin's Barn. He turned over the
8 :274 In Luke Doyle's long ago. Dolphin's Barn, the charades. U._p: up.
13 :1106 Naughty darling. At Dolphin's barn charades in Luke Doyle's house. Mat
17 :1260 Once, in 1887, after a protracted performance of charades in the house of
18 :323 tearing something in the charades I hate an unlucky man and if I knew

circus (11)
Boarding:63 Church sent out constant peals and worshippers, singly or in groups, traversed the little circus before the church, revealing their purpose by their self-contained demeanour no less than by the
13 :1111 the shortest way home. And just when he and she. Circus horse walking in
15 :702 circus life are highly demoralising.
15 :704 studs in his shirtfront, steps forward, holding a circus paperhoop, a
16 :412 toured the wide world with Hengler's Royal Circus. I seen him do that in
17 :8 walking pace they crossed both the circus before George's church
17 :976 circus in the Rotunda, Rutland square, Dublin, an intuitive particoloured
ii:307 or the Meditations of Two Young Spinsters,\2 Why we all Love our Little Lord Mayor, Hengler's Circus Entertainment, On Thrift,\3 The Kettle-Griffith-Moynihan Scheme for a New Electricity Supply,
ii:469 her the seaborne Fingale? I feel like that hill of a whaler went yulding round Groenmund's Circus with his tree full of seaweeds and Dinky Doll asleep in her shell. Hazelridge has seen me. Jerne
iii:529 with club, torc and headdress, preholder of the Bar Ptolomei, is coowner of a hengster's circus near North Great Denmark Street (incidentally, it's the most unjoyable show going the province
iv:560 after to queen's lead. Promiscuous Omebound to Fiammelle la Diva. Huff! His move. Blackout. Circus. Corridor. Shifting scene. Wall flats: sink and fly. Spotlight working wall cloths. Spill

ruby (18)
4 :346 smudged pages. Ruby: the Pride of the Ring. Hello. Illustration. Fierce
4 :347 Italian with carriagewhip. Must be Ruby pride of the on the floor naked.
10 :811 hips, on her gross belly flapping a ruby egg.
12 :340 luminosity of ruby light became gradually visible, the apparition of the
14 :1108 a myriad metamorphoses of symbol, it blazes, Alpha, a ruby and triangled
15 :468 this hand, carefully, slowly. (tenderly, as he slips on her finger a ruby ring)
15 :716 Mademoiselle Ruby, the pride of the ring.
15 :1490 (Bloom assumes a mantle of cloth of gold and puts on a ruby ring.
15 :2967 you understand, Ruby Cohen? and don the shot silk luxuriously rustling
15 :3067 and a dishclout tied to your tail. Won't that be nice? (he places a ruby ring
15 :3077 Miss Ruby, and spank your bare bot right well, miss, with the hairbrush.
15 :4965 He has a delicate mauve face. On his suit he has diamond and ruby
16 :1473 Ruby with met him pike hoses ( sic ) in it which must have fell down
17 :1530 comfortable lounge settees and corner fitments, upholstered in ruby plush
18 :493 Ruby and Fair Tyrants he brought me that twice I remember when I came
vi:156 the Mookse nobily, for par the unicum of Elelijiacks, Us am in Our stabulary and that is what Ruby and Roby fall for, blissim. The Pills, the Nasal Wash (Yardly's), the Army Man Cut, as british as
ii:440 maid, thou dust art powder but Cinderella thou must return (what are you robbing her sleeve for, Ruby? And pull in your tongue, Polly!). Cog that out of your teen times, everyone. The lad who brooks
iii:494 the flabberghosted farmament and bump where the camel got the needle. Talk about iridecencies! Ruby and beryl and chrysolite, jade, sapphire, jasper und lazul. -- Orca Bellona! Heavencry at