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  •      She swallowed a draught of tea from her cup held by nothandle and,
    having wiped her fingertips smartly on the blanket, began to search the text
    with the hairpin till she reached the word.
       Met him what? he asked.
       --Here, she said. What does that mean?
         He leaned downward and read near her polished thumbnail.
       --Yes. Who's he when he's at home?
       --Metempsychosis, he said, frowning. It's Greek: from the Greek. That
    means the transmigration of souls.
       --O, rocks! she said. Tell us in plain words.
         He smiled, glancing askance at her mocking eyes. The same young
    eyes. The first night after the charades. Dolphin's Barn. He turned over the
    smudged pages.
    Ruby: the Pride of the Ring. Hello. Illustration. Fierce
    Italian with carriagewhip. Must be Ruby pride of the on the floor naked.
    Sheet kindly lent. The monster Maffei desisted and flung his victim from him
    with an oath.
    Cruelty behind it all. Doped animals. Trapeze at Hengler's.
    Had to look the other way. Mob gaping. Break your neck and we'll break
    our sides. Families of them. Bone them young so they metamspychosis. .

    metamspychosis: Gabler's restoration of metamspychosis [1922,1927] as Bloom's possible bridge from metempsychosis to Molly's pronunciation (remembered afterwards as met him pike hoses but not given here) presents us with an unsolved problem.

    Bloom's thoughts telescope two sentences, producing an accidental metaphor: To bone acrobats young so they metempsychosis (or metamspychosis) is to overcome their fear of heights so they can be trained to fly, an Ovidian transformation of human to bird. It is possible to force a Wakean reading here, me-tam-spy-chosis as Joyce's overlay of metam-orphosis upon metem-psychosis to which has been added Molly's possible misreading of the silent p in ps now transposed to sp:

    Molly: methimpikehoses

    Unfortunately neither of the resulting puns -- tam for tim and spy or spike for sy -- seems particularly meaningful. [End of message.]

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    That we live after death. Our souls. That a man's soul after he dies,
    Dignam's soul_....

    [Persistent popup window for Gifford comments.]