GIFFORD: Notes on voglio, metempsychosis, Dolphin's Barn, Ruby, Hengler's, bone...

voglio   Bloom misquotes Zerlina's "Vorrei e non vorrei" ("I would like to and I wouldn't like to") in Don Giovanni: I,iii as "Voglio e non vorrei" ("I want to and wouldn't like to").

metempsychosis   The mystical doctrine, held in ancient Greece and ancient India that the soul after death is reborn in another animal or vegetable body, modified by 19th century theosophists for evolutionary ends. According to Stuart Gilbert, James Joyce's Ulysses (p. 128) the passage "God becomes man...featherbed mountain" (51:3-4 [50:13-14]) "is a variant on the kabalistic axiom of metempsychosis."

Dolphin's Barn   area outside SW Dublin where Molly and Tweedy were living when she met Bloom

Ruby   The Pride of the ring is a common circus subtitle. [See Mary Power in JJQ, 1986]

Hengler's   A permanent (non-travelling) circus in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Hull, Dublin, and London, named for Charles Hengler (1820-1887).

Bone   teach