JJTM: James Joyce Text Machine

  • James Joyce's Ulysses (1922) is the modernist work with the richest network of internal and external referents, cited in the writings of such postmodernists as Jacques Derrida, Jay David Bolter, and George P. Landow as the leading "incipient hypertext" of the modernist era. Despite several projects which have been undertaken an actual completed electronic hypertext of the work has yet to appear.

  • The original aim of James Joyce Text Machine, first presented at an ACH conference in 1991, was to demonstrate the feasibility of using the computer screen for what up to then had appeared only as a printed edition with variants and clear text en face -- Hans Walter Gabler's genetic text of Ulysses. But the software never was completed and the project remained dormant until the rise of HTML and the World Wide Web in the 1990s as a possible universal medium for scholarly hypertext publications.

  • In its present form the JJTM is dedicated to exploring universally available resources which a reasonably computer adept scholar might use for publishing electronic texts and hypertexts. It does not assume the institutional support required to mount a major project in SGML. Progress reports on the JJTM have been seen at several James Joyce conferences, in London, Berkeley, Miami, Trieste, and eleswhere. At times these explorations have appeared on the same panel as Prof. Michael Groden's Ulysses hypertext project.

  • The current demonstration uses a passage from the Calypso episode in Joyce's Ulysses. Most of the demonstrations are live -- they work -- but at least one is a mock-up. The preferred browsers are those which follow the W3C standards -- Internet Explorer 6. Netscape 6.2 and higher. The general favorite of academic computing, Netscape Navigator 4.7, is no longer suitable for this type of work and will actually crash on some of these examples..

  • Heyward Ehrlich
    Dept of English, Rutgers University, Newark NJ 07102, USA
    email: ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu
    URL: http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~ehrlich/jjtm/
    Last revised: 16 June 2002