JJTM: James Joyce Text Machine:
Switching on-the-fly among text-variants.
Text passage from Calypso in Gabler edition of Ulysses

Different displays:
Instantaneous switching among different Gabler text levels is possible by user-controlled changes in screen visibility. Each element -- including line breaks, line numbers, and textual variants -- may be controlled by the reader. The color coded on-screen displays convey complex information more rapidly than the original printed graphics.

Browser methods: pulldown vs. clickable menus

  • Netscape 6/7: Takes advantage of built-in support for alternate stylesheets by making changes from the always-available main browser menu. First pull down the View (Alt-V) menu, then select Use Style (U), and finally pick one of the styles provided
  • Internet Explorer 5/6: Uses menus of clickable links supported by programming to change stylesheets.These menus may scroll along with the text or be in a fixed frame separate from the text.

Initial view: Select via hypertext: Menu location:
1. Genetic text with variants Clear text (toggle variant/clear texts)
  • Top/bottom [sul4_1c.htm]
  • 2. Genetic text with variants Gabler levels B, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1932, or clear
  • Fixed frame [sul4_2frame.htm] (IE)
  • 3. Genetic/clear parallel texts Gabler levels B, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1932, or clear
  • Frames/parallel texts [sul4_3frame.htm]
  • How it Works: Styles, Stylesheets, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):
    Each visual attribute, such as font color, font size, or type face, is encoded as style information. Sets of these styles descriptions are summarized as stylesheets. When several stylesheets co-ewxist, they have a specified priority order, called the cascade -- hence cascading style sheets or CSS. The notion of alternate stylesheets, originally developed to handle the display requirements of different media, such as screen, print, projection, and PDA, can be adapted to produce "on-the-fly" changes of display. Since no additional disk reading is necessary for the file already in memory. the changes are instantaneous. Netscape 6/7 controls alternate stylesheets through a built-in feature in the View menu. Internet Explorer 5/6 uses clickable menus supported by interactive or dynamic (DHTML) programming.

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