TABLE I: A Poe Census of Major E-Text Archives:
for "A Poe Webliography" by Heyward Ehrlich

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At the various locations, the texts, pagination, verification, and coding of the texts may differ considerably.

KEY: T Virginia Tech [1][2] (Tc: Criticism; Tm: Marginalia)[3] A Internet Wiretap B/B1 OTA: Oxford Text Archive [4] (B = P-1855-A, B1 = U*-1244-A) C ETC: Electronic Text Center (Virginia) D HTI: Humanities Text Initiative (Michigan) G Project Gutenberg R Representative Poetry Online (Toronto) S A Digitized Library of Southern Literature(UNC)[5]
T A B B1 C D G R S
Al Aaraaf T Alone T American Drama Tc Angel of Odd T An Enigma T Annabel Lee T C D R Assignation T A C D Balloon Hoax T A C D Bells T Berenice T A C D Black Cat T A C D S Bon-bon T Bridal Ballad T Bryant Tc Business Man T Cask of Amontillado T A B C D G City In Sea T R Coliseum T Colloquy Monos Una T A C D S Conqueror Worm T Conversation Eiros T A C D S Criticism Tc Descent Maelstrom T A B C D S Devil In Belfry T Dickens review Tc Diddling T Domain of Arnheim T A C D Drake-Halleck Tc Dream, A T R Dream Within Dream T R Dreamland T Dreams T Duc De L'omlette T Eldorado T Eleonora T A C D Elizabeth T Eulalie T Eureka [6] Evening Star T Exordium Tc Facts Case Valdemar T Fairy-land T Fall House Usher T A B B1 C G S For Annie T R Four Beasts In One T Gold-Bug T A B C S Hans Phaall T Happiest Day T Haunted Palace T Hawthorne Tc Hop-Frog T A C D How To Blackwood T Hymn T Imp of Perverse T A C D Island of Fay T A C D Israfel T King Pest T A C D Lake. To -- T Landor's Cottage T A C D Landscape Garden T Lenore T Letter to B- Tc Ligeia T B1 C Lionizing T S Literary Life T Longfellow Tc Loss Of Breath T Man of Crowd T A C D S Man Was Used Up T Marginalia Tm Marg: BJ:4Oct45 Tm Marg: DR:11/44 Tm Marg: DR:12/44 Tm Marg: DR:4/46 Tm Marg: GLB:9/45 Tm Marg: GR:3/46 Tm Marg: GR:1/48 Tm Marg: SLM:4/49 Tm Marg: SLM:6/49 Tm Masque of Red Death T G Mellonta Tauta T A B C D Mesmeric Revelation T S Metzengerstein T Morella T Morning Wissahiccon T Ms. Found In Bottle T Murders Rue Morgue T A B C D S Mystery Marie Roget T A B C D S Mystification T Narrative AG Pym[7] T Never Bet Devil T Oblong Box T Oval Portrait T Philo. Composition Tc Pit and Pendulum T A B C D Poetic Principle Tc Power Of Words T Predicament, A T Premature Burial T Purloined Letter T A B C D S Quacks of Helicon Tc Rationale of Verse Tc Raven (Preface) Tc Raven T G R Romance T Scenes Politian T Serenade T Shadow - A Parable T Silence - A Fable T Sleeper T Some Words Mummy T Song T Sonnet - Silence T Sonnet - To Science T Sonnet - To Zante T Spectacles T A B C D Sphinx T Spirits of Dead T Stanzas T System of Dr. Tarr T Tale of Jerusalem T Tale Ragged Mts. T A C D Tamerlane T Tell Tale Heart T A B C D Thou Art Man T A B C D Thousand-second T Three Sundays Week T To -- T To F-- T To F--s S. O--d T To Helen T R To -- -- T To M -- T To M.L.S. T To My Mother T To One In Paradise T To River -- T Ulalame T R Valentine, A T Valley Of Unrest T Von Kempelen T Why Frenchman T William Wilson T A B C D X-ing A Paragrab T T A B B1 C D G R S


1.  The American Verse Collection of the HTI at Michigan contains the J. H. Whitty edition of Collected Poetry (1911) adding these five (5) poems to the fifty-one (51) already online in the Virginia Tech collection: "Impromptu to Kate Carol," "Latin Hymn," "Oh Tempora! Oh Mores," "Song of Triumph," and "Spiritual Song."

2.  The contents of the Virginia Tech archive (T) are similar to those of the UM-St. Louis and Worldnet online sites, as well such CD-ROMs as Library of the Future and Corel World's Greatest Classic Books.

3.  The Making of America archive of 19th century American books and magazines at the University of Michigan contains a searchable run of the Southern Literary Messenger.

4.  The OTA texts (B, B1) are also on the CD-ROM accompanying Using TACT with Electronic Texts, New York: MLA, 1996.

5. From Tales (1845).

6. Eureka is available at Worldnet online and on The Library of the Future CD-ROM.

7. When complete, Early American Fiction (Virginia.Chadwyck-Healey) will contain Pym, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, and Tales (1845) on CD-ROM, with some sample texts released on the Internet.

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