Welcome to the Jäkle Research Group !

Research in the Jäkle group is at the interface of organometallic, polymer and materials chemistry. Areas of current interest include:

  • Boron-doped Conjugated Oligomers, Polymers, and PAHs: We pursue new conjugated hybrid materials for applications in organic electronics and as luminescent sensory materials.
  • Nanostructured Luminescent Materials: We use controlled polymerization methods to prepare luminescent (co)polymers  and study their self-assembly.
  • Stimuli-Responsive and Supramolecular Materials: We utilize new scorpionate-type ligands for the development of supramolecular metallopolymers.
  • Sustainable Chemistry: We develop polymer-supported Lewis acids and “frustrated” Lewis pairs (FLPs) for catalysis applications.
  • Chiral Lewis Acids and Lewis Pairs: We investigate planar chiral ferrocenes that are functionalized with Lewis acid/base sites for stereoselective synthesis.

Group Picture

The group in May 2018

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Openings. We encourage inquiries of prospective new undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing cutting-edge research at the interface of main group and materials chemistry. Please contact Prof. Jaekle at

We are hosting the 2018 US-Japan Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials Workshop from June 17-21st. Check out the website here !

Recent Group News:

  • 7/2018 Graduate student James joins the group. Welcome!
  • 6/2018 Undergraduates Tae Kim and Berothy Jilus are awarded summer research fellowship and John and Berothy secure LSAMP fellowships. Congrats!!! We also welcome high school summer students Kimberly and Sophia to the group.
  • 6/2018 Kanglei, Huina, Fernando, and Frieder present at the Boron Americas conference at Boston College. Lot's of fun, many thanks to Liu for organizing a spectacular meeting!
  • 6/2018 Fer wins a Poster Award at the 10th US-Japan Hybrid Materals conference. Congrats!!!
  • 3/2018 Undergraduate researcher Mah Noor wins First Prize at the William Patterson University poster session for her work on Polymeric Lewis Acids. Well done, Noor!
  • 8/2017 We coorganized a symposium at the 2017 Fall ACS Meeting in Washington on "Non-conventional building blocks in conjugated materials" - see the coverage in C&E News. The group also gave several poster and oral presentations.
  • 7/2017 Frieder gives keynote lectures at the Imeboron in Hongkong and at ICBC in Xinxiang and visits several Universities in China
  • 2017 - PolyRU-N, a new $2.1 M polymer/nanomaterials characterization facility is now fully operational. We welcome interested academic and industrial users.
  • 2016 Frieder gives a plenary lecture at a conference on Smart Inorganic Polymers in Portugal and a keynote lecture at the International Symposium on Catalysis and Fine Chemicals (C&FC-2016) in Taiwan

Some Recent Research Highlights:


ADDRESS : Olson Hall, Room 336, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University, 73 Warren Street, Newark, NJ 07102


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