2014 Organizing the Boron Americas XIV Conference at Rutgers University-Newark
BORAM_GroupPhoto1.jpg BORAM_Banquet22.jpg BORAM_Banquet3.jpg BORAM_Banquet4.jpg BORAM_Banquet5.jpg
2013/2014 Omer Visiting, Mayyadah wins Poster Prize, Jiawei Graduation, Group Lunch in South Orange
Omer_Photo.jpg Mayyadah_Poster.jpg JiaweiDefense1.jpg JiaweiDefense2.jpg PuhupLunch.jpg
2012/2013 Fei Graduation, Pangkuan Graduation, BORAM Award
FeiDefense1.jpg FeiDefense2.jpg FeiDefense3.jpg PangkuanDefense1.jpg FJBORAMAward.jpg
2011/2012 New Years Party, BORAM 13 Meeting, FJ visiting UNM and Oregon
GroupParty1.jpg GroupParty2.jpg Oregon_Conference.jpg UNM_Visit.jpg BORAM2012.jpg
2010 Haiyan Defense, Boron Americas and ACS Meeting, Ami & Chengzhong Graduation
HaiyanGraduation4.jpg HaiyanGraduation2.jpg BORAM2010_Fei.jpg BoramMichiganfunny.jpg AmiCCZ_Graduation.jpg
2009/10 Chengzhong Defense and Happy Hour
1ccz_graduation_4small.jpg 2ccz_graduation_2small.jpg 3Franksmall.jpg 4happyhour_2small.jpg 5Kshitij_party_1small.jpg
2008/09 Move to New Labs and Thilagar’s Farewell Party
Labmove1small.jpg Labmove2small.jpg Labmove3small.jpg ThilagarParty1small.jpg ThilagarParty2small.jpg
2008 Ramez Graduation and Thanksgiving Party
2007 End of Year Party
2007 Yang Graduation and Summer Excursion
2006 End of Year Party
2006 Anand Graduation and Bear Mountain Excursion
2005 End of Year Party
2005 MARM Meeting
2004 End of Year Party
2003 Summer Excursion

2002 End of Year Party
Earlier Group Pictures