Undergraduate Courses:


Fall 2017: Inorganic Chemistry 21:160:413; the course info will be available on Blackboard

Spring 2016: Synthesis and Characterization 21:160:448 (click HERE for the course page); you will be available to access the course info through Blackboard


Graduate Courses:


Spring 2011: Polymer Chemistry 160:514 (more info will be available on the Blackboard page in January)

This course will be offered next Spring

Fall 2015: Main Group Organometallic Chemistry (more info available on Blackboard)

The recommended texts for this course are "Organometallics" 3rd Ed. 2006 by Elschenbroich and Salzer (Wiley-VCH) and "Inorganic Chemistry" by Housecroft and Sharpe (3rd Edition). Various other books and primary literature will also be used.


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