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Work with an advisor to design your own Master’s degree!  This interdisciplinary program allows you to create a unique mix of courses from across the humanities, social sciences, and professionally-oriented programs.  It is geared to students committed to reading, thinking, and discussion. With many courses offered in the evening, this program is ideal for mature, part-time students. GREs are not required.  

Program Learning Goals

  • Students establish appropriate learning goals to meet their educational and career plans as demonstrated by their Statement of Intent and first Annual Study Plan.
  • Students design a multi- and interdisciplinary plan of study to meet their goals.
  • Students assess their learning process on an annual basis, and discuss in writing and in conversation the degree to which they have met and achieved their learning goals for the year.

By learning to design, implement, and assess their own educational program, students performing many of the same tasks that program designers undertake for their respective academic programs.

Every Liberal Studies student prepares an Annual Study Plan (an update of the Statement of Intent from the original Admissions application—see below).  In consultation with the Program Director, the Plan outlines the courses to be taken during the following year and overall academic direction in which the student is headed.


Applicants to the Liberal Studies program should include a Statement of Intent (Personal Statement) with their application. The Statement should be well-written and one-two single spaced pages in length. The Statement should include the following:

  --One-two paragraphs that explains what you hope to do in this interdisciplinary program. For instance, some students simply enjoy taking interesting courses with great faculty, and they are more interested in knowledge than a specific topic or goal. Another student may be interested in the interface between crime, politics, and gender. What motivates you to join this program? What do you hope to accomplish?

  -- If your undergraduate average was below 3.0 (below a B average), please explain what is different now. If you will not submit GRE scores (or your scores are not particularly good), please explain. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but we would like to know how you assess your own educational background.*

  --After your online application has been submitted, the Program Director will contact you for an interview.

Applicants may apply on-line by visiting http://gradstudy.rutgers.edu

The program is open to degree and nondegree students on a full-time or part-time basis. Students may apply throughout the summer for fall semester admission. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required

* Students who have not taken the GREs or who enter the program with low undergraduate averages may be required to take a Graduate Reading and Writing course (for example, Literacy and Democracy). These three-credit courses count toward your degree.

 For further information, please contact:

Dr. Gary Roth
Liberal Studies Program Director
Office:  Hill Hall, Room 613

Phone:  973-353-5143