Welcome to HE Group!

Research in the HE group is aimed at exploring the novel properties of nanomaterials for higher-performance renewable energy devices, trace level molecular detection and multifunctional nonviral gene delivery agents for cancer therapy.

         Conducting polymer/carbon nanotube (Graphene) composites

         Multiplexed electrical and optical biosensors

         Nanotechnology for nonviral gene delivery and co-delivery of multiple drugs for efficient cancer therapy

 Latest News

  • Yufeng Ma won New Jersey Patent Award (2010). Congratulations!
  • Alex Minhua Chen was awarded Graduate School Dean's Doctoral Dissertation Award for his outstanding doctoral dissertation (2009). Congratulations!
  • Oleh Taratula Won The New Jersey Cancer Research Award for Scientific Excellence (2009). Congratulations!
  • On Jan. 20, 2009, Alex Minhua Chen successfully passed his Ph.D. Defense. Thesis title: Nanotechnology for Efficient Delivery of Short Therapeutic Oligonucleotides and Co-delivery with Chemical Anticancer Drugs for Effective Cancer Therapy. Congratulate Alex on his remarkable works!!! Alex returned to Merck & Co. for a full-time position!
  • In Sep, 2008, Oleh Taratula became No.2 Ph.D. in He Group after successfully defending his thesis titled: Nanotechnology in developing multifunctional non-viral gene delivery systems. Oleh joined Dr. Minko's group as postdoctoral associate in Oct, 2008.
  • In Aug, 2008, Shah R. Ali was accepted to Stanford Medical School. Congratulation on his great success and wish him the best in the future!
  • In Sept, 2007, Yufeng Ma successfully defended his thesis and became No.1 Ph.D. in He Group. Yufeng is now a senior scientist in Polyestar Tech., Boston, MA.