10-May-16. Grades are now available. So see your final exam scode, go to the course Sakai site, , and click on the "PostEm" section. See Dr. Huskey's availability in the note below.

09-May-16. Final grades will be available by 5:00p on Tuesday afternoon (May 10). Check this page at that time for details. If you wish to look over your graded exam Dr. Huskey will be available Wednesday (5/11) 10:15-11:30, and Thursday (5/12) 1:00-2:30.

05-May-16. Seat assignments for the final exam are now available online at the After you login, look in the "PostEm" section to find your seat number. Consult the room map to find your seat. Please bring your student ID with you on the exam day.

03-May-16.Cheung and Senkowski Scholarships (for partial tuition) are available for chemistry majors this year. The deadline for submitting the application form is June 17.

28-Apr-16. For Chapter 29, problems 12, 20, 31, and 34 were removed from the list of assigned problems.

27-Apr-16. Supplemental instructor positions ($20/hr) are available for summer General Chemistry I and II lectures. See the details here.

04-Feb-16. Until further notice, all lectures and recitations will be held in Boyden 100.

14-Jan-16. The recitation will not be held during the first week of class (Wed, Jan 20).


Tue JAN 19 Chapter 13: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Fri JAN 22 Chapter 13
Tue JAN 26 Chapter 15: Introduction to Organometallic Compounds
Fri JAN 29 Chapter 16: Aldehydes and Ketones
Tue FEB 02 Chapter 16
Fri FEB 05 Chapter 16
Tue FEB 09 Chapter 17: Carboxylic Acids
Fri FEB 12 Chapter 18: Functional Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids
Tue FEB 16 Chapter 18
Fri FEB 19 Chapter 14: Mass Spectrometry
Tue FEB 23 Chapter 14
Fri FEB 26 Exam 1: Chapters 13,14,15,16,17,18
Tue MAR 01 Chapter 19: Enolate Anions and Enamines
Fri MAR 04 Chapter 19
Tue MAR 08 Chapter 19
Fri MAR 11 Chapter 20: Dienes, Conjugated Systems, and Pericyclic Reactions
Tue MAR 15 No Class -- Spring Break
Fri MAR 18 No Class -- Spring Break
Tue MAR 22 Chapter 20
Fri MAR 25 Chapter 21: Benzene and the Concept of Aromaticity
Tue MAR 29 Chapter 21
Fri APR 01 Chapter 22: Reactions of Benzene and its Derivatives
Tue APR 05 Chapter 22
Fri APR 08 Chapter 23: Amines
Tue APR 12 Chapter 23
Fri APR 15 Chapter 24: Catalytic Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation
Tue APR 19 Chapter 24
Fri APR 22 Exam 2: Chapters 19,20,21,22,23,24
Tue APR 26 Chapter 29: Polymer Chemistry
Fri APR 29 Chapter 29
Fri MAY 06 Comprehensive Final Exam 3:00 (All Chapters)

Text: Brown, Iverson, Anslyn, & Foote Organic Chemistry, 7th ed., and the accompanying Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual, (Brooks/Cole-Cengage Learning). The Rutgers-Newark Bookstore and NJ Books sell a loose-leaf binder-ready version of the complete text and solution manual.

The bookstore version of the text also includes access to an optional online homework system.

Homework Problems (homework will not be collected)

Ch 13: 2,3,5-8,9,12,15,16,19,24
Ch 14: 2-4,8,14,15,16,17,23,25,28,29,31,36
Ch 15: 1-6,7,8,10,12,21,20,22,23
Ch 16: 1-13,14-20,24,29,30,31,32,38,42,43,46,61a,61c
Ch 17: 1-6,8,10,15,17,18-22,26,28,33,35,40,48,50
Ch 18: 1,3-10,12,16,18,19,20,22-25,27,32,35,37,41,64,66
Ch 19: 1-17,18,19,20,22,29,31,33,43,46,50,51,57,78
Ch 20: 1,2-4,5-13,14-17,19,23,28,30,32,36,50,52
Ch 21: 1-7,9(skip b,g),12,15-17,20,22,23,26,32,36,45,46,52abc
Ch 22: 1-6,8,15,16,19,20,21,22,26,28,32-35,37,40
Ch 23: 1-15,16,18,24,25,33,34,45,47,48
Ch 24: 1,2,4-7,10,32,33
Ch 29: 1-4,5abc,6,7,11,16,24,25,32,33,38

A small molecular model kit made by either Cochranes of Oxford or Indigo Instruments is available in the bookstore. Note that these inexpensive kits do not include directions, so you may wish to download these online instructions.

Dr. Huskey
Spring 2016 Office Hours (214 Olson Hall)

Tuesday 2:30 - 3:30 (Check the announcements section for occasional changes to these times).

Or by appointment (

The best way to contact Dr. Huskey is through email: . He rarely checks voice mail and he is often far from a phone.

Two 80-minute exams will count for 50% of the course grade, and a comprehensive final exam will count for the other 50% of the course grade. To avoid any need for make-up exams, the score on the final exam can be used to replace the lowest score of the 80-minute exams (or an 80-minute exam missed for any reason). Letter grades will be assigned according to the following scale (scores are percentages of the maximum possible points): A (100-85), B+ (84-80), B (70-79), C+ (69-65), C (64-55), D (54-45), F (44-0).

Recitations on Wednesdays (4:00-5:20, Smith 220) will be used to discuss homework problems and review lecture material.

If you need assistance, study tips, or have questions about the course material or homework problems, see Dr. Huskey during his office hours, meet with him in the recitation section, make an appointment to see him at times other than his office hours, or contact the Learning Center for other options.

The Learning Resource Center in Conklin Hall can provide various types of assistance:

  1. Free Tutoring. If there are enough requests at the Learning Resource Center for tutors, free tutoring will be provided.
  2. Learning Assistants. If you would like advice on how to develop better study habits and skills, make an appointment with a learning assistant at the Learning Resource Center.