22-Dec-08. Course grades were submitted to the registrar this moring. Most likely, they will appear in electronic student transcripts by Tuesday. Final exams (high grade = 97) will be returned to students with chemistry-department mailboxes on Monday afternoon. If you do not have a chemistry mailbox and you would like to have your exam returned, please email your postal address to Dr. Huskey.

Thr SEP 04 Practical kinetics, derivation of rate laws, integration of simple rate equations (Reading set A)
Thr SEP 11 Approximations for complex systems: steady-state and rapid equilibrium treatments (Reading set A)
Thr SEP 18 Numerical integration of complex rate laws
Thr SEP 25 Introduction to reaction-rate theory, potential energy surfaces, conventional transition-state theory (Reading set C)
Thr OCT 02 Kinetic isotope effects as mechanistic probes (Reading set D)
Thr OCT 09 Kinetic isotope effects, continued.
Thr OCT 16 Mid-Term Exam
Thr OCT 23 Structure-activity relationships (Reading set E)
Thr OCT 30 Lessons from proton-transfer and electron-transfer reactions (Reading set H)
Thr NOV 06 Steady-state enzyme kinetics; matrix methods for rate equations (Reading Set B)
Thr NOV 13 Transient enzyme kinetics
Thr NOV 20 Polymerization kinetics (Reading set G)
TUE NOV 25 Kinetics of photochemical reactions (TUESDAY!) (Reading set F)
Thr DEC 04 Nonlinear kinetics, oscillating reactions, chemical chaos (Reading set I)
Thr DEC 11 No Rutgers Classes - "Reading Day"
Thr DEC 18 Comprehensive Final Exam (6:00 pm Smith 240)

There is no text to purchase for the class. Instead, reading assignments will be distributed in class and/or posted on the web page. The distributed assignments are labeled as "Reading set" A, B, etc. on the course schedule and on the class handouts.

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Course grades will be assigned based on a mid-term exam (30%), a comprehensive final exam (60%), and a few homework sets (10%).