The Eighteenth-Century English Novel

English 349, Spring 2000

Jack Lynch

Course Description

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Hours: Monday and Thursday, 2:30-3:30, and by appointment (appointments are best).

Home: (609) 882-4642 (before 11 p.m.!).

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Course Requirements

English 349 involves the following responsibilities on your part:


Eight books -- Moll Flanders, Pamela, Joseph Andrews, Humphry Clinker, A Sentimental Journey, Evelina, The Monk, and The Rise of the Novel -- are available from the Rutgers Newark Bookstore in Bradley Hall. The remainder of the readings will be available in photocopies provided in class.


This class has a mailing list called; all students are required to have an E-mail account by the end of the second week of classes and to participate in the discussions on the list. Although I have the greatest sympathy for those suffering from technological nightmares, don't expect to use computer problems as an excuse for not doing the reading or writing. If you have a computer problem, contact me as soon as possible.

Schedule of Class Meetings

Thursday, 20 Jan.

Monday, 24 Jan.
Jane Barker, Love Intrigues.
Thursday, 27 Jan.
Eliza Haywood, Fantomina; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 1 ("Realism and the Novel Form").

Monday, 31 Jan.
Daniel Defoe, Moll Flanders, pp. 1-105. OED exercise (on Barker or Heywood) due.
Thursday, 3 Feb.
Moll Flanders, pp. 105-89; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 2 ("The Reading Public and the Rise of the Novel").

Monday, 7 Feb.
Moll Flanders, pp. 189-268.
Thursday, 10 Feb.
Moll Flanders, pp. 269-343; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 4 ("Defoe as Novelist: Moll Flanders").

Monday, 14 Feb.
Samuel Richardson, Pamela, pp. 31-130.
Thursday, 17 Feb.
Pamela, pp. 130-278; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 6 ("Private Experience and the Novel").

Monday, 21 Feb.
Pamela, pp. 279-392.
Thursday, 24 Feb.
Pamela, pp. 392-516; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 5 ("Love and the Novel: Pamela"). Reading journal due.

Monday, 28 Feb.
Henry Fielding, Shamela.
Thursday, 2 March
Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews, pp. 1-100 (through Book II, Chapter IV).

Monday, 6 March
Joseph Andrews, pp. 100-99 (through Book III, Chapter IV); Samuel Johnson, on Richardson and Fielding (photocopy).
Thursday, 9 March
Joseph Andrews, pp. 199-303; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 8 ("Fielding and the Epic Theory of the Novel"). First paper (5-7 pages) due.

Monday, 13 March
No class: Spring break.
Thursday, 16 March
No class: Spring break.

Monday, 20 March
Laurence Sterne, A Sentimental Journey, pp. 3-63 (vol. 1).
Thursday, 23 March
A Sentimental Journey, pp. 64-125 (vol. 2). Reading journal due.

Monday, 27 March
Tobias Smollett, Humphry Clinker, pp. 1-117 (vol. 1).
Thursday, 30 March
Humphry Clinker, pp. 118-230 (vol. 2).

Monday, 3 April
Humphry Clinker, pp. 231-353 (vol. 3).
Thursday, 6 April
Matthew Lewis, The Monk, pp. 1-128 (vol. 1).

Monday, 10 April
The Monk, pp. 129-279 (vol. 2).
Thursday, 13 April
The Monk, pp. 281-442 (vol. 3).

Monday, 17 April
Frances Burney, Evelina, pp. 1-132 (volume 1).
Thursday, 20 April
Evelina, pp. 135-225 (through vol. 2, letter 19).

Monday, 24 April
Evelina, pp. 225-323 (through vol. 3, letter 10).
Thursday, 27 April
Evelina, pp. 324-406; Ian Watt, The Rise of the Novel, chapter 10 ("Realism and the Later Tradition: A Note"). Reading journal due.

Monday, 1 May
Conclusion. Final paper (8-10 pages) due.